YouTube nigahiga How to Sing

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What is a good youtube username?

I can't decide what YouTube username I should use for my YouTube account. I want something creative that people will remember, such as popular YouTube celebrities like: Nigahiga, HappySlip, Jacksgap. I'm a creative girl. Most of my videos will be: challenges, singing/music, blogging, hair tutorials.
The username can include:
(my cat's name)

And a creative but not too weird word.
It Can't be too long.

Thank you.

Posted by Karen
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Take your first name and mix it with your last name. Lots of celebrities do this:

You can also mix up random words together.

You could do karamisu?

Hope you find a perfect youtube user name!

Who are the most famous Youtube Super ★?

Top 10 or 5 or how every many u can name.

Posted by Lamar Davis
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I've been on YouTube for a long time, and I know that the names most synonymous with YouTube are;

1.) Fred
** First person to ever reach 1 million subscribers, and get a tv show based on his YouTube character)

2.) Justin Bieber
** First person to get noticed and signed from posting singing videos on YouTube.
Now he is one of the biggest celebrities on the planet

3.) Jenna Marbles (nowadays, anyway is big on YouTube. Second most subscribed)

4.) Smosh (most subscribed on YouTube and first to 10 million subscribers)

There are alot of other YouTube stars, but the ones above are some of the most prominent.
Other top subscribed personal/user channels are;

– RayWilliamJohnson (9,000,000+)
– nigahiga (8,600,000+)
– PewpewDie (8,400,000+)
– FreddieW (5,600,000+)
– ShaneDawsonTV (4,000,000+)

The list goes on for a while.

YouTube video making tips?

Okay, so I really need some help. After years upon years of wanting to start making YouTube videos, I've finally started trying, unfortunately I would be embarrassed to upload any of them due to the bad quality of my equipment. So I was wondering if someone could help me with a few things.

One, I watch YouTube videos with lots of comedic youtubers ALL the time, but I really can't make out what certain points appeal people. They're funny sure, and I do believe I can come up with funny ideas and actually play the part (People in real life say I am really funny, but I'm also weird…anyway.) Could anyone tell me what main points I need to work on to attract views? I want to make videos like, nigahiga or something like that but of course with my own ideas and different, not vlogs so much.

Secondly, I really need better equipment. I have a $200 Sony camera, which I'll be honest is definitely not the best. I'm 16 so for now I can't really hire my own camera crew or anything. I do work 2 jobs to try and get equipment for now and I'm saving, but all I can do for now is self-record. I also have a basic microphone without a pop filter (which I am planning on buying) but my microphone is a USB for my computer and it's barely fair. So, I really need to know, what is the best camera I can get for Youtubing for a beginner without paying tens of thousands of dollars? Also what is the best microphone or voice recording equipment, and possibly a voice/autotune software for "singing parody" videos.

Thanks SO much if you help me, I appreciate it so much because you have no idea how much I want to be a good Youtuber. 🙂

Also, if you want, you can look at my YouTube page.. Co iDa is the name. Sorry for promoting it.. But I thought I'd add it, especially if you help me out and I end up making pretty good videos. 🙂 THANKS!!

Posted by Tara Kitten
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It doesn't matter for the quality on youtube! Ryan Higa started with a crappy vhs camcorder that he found, look at the link i put in the source. And you're camera should definetly be good enough. Also nigahiga doesn't have his own crew he has will and greg which are his other two friends he films with. He does not have a camera crew. Some people like to go proffesional like YomYomF and i think smosh as well, but one thing they all have in common is that they made videos for the fun of it not because of quality and camerawork and all that stuff.

And to get attention, be original! Be creative! And do it not because you want to get famous do it because its fun! And I'll subscribe to you right now you can see my channel and the videos i made with my friends but i privated alot of them because they were from ages ago lolol. Anyway hope this helped! Again I'll subscribe I don't want to say my page in public but I will subscribe to you as soon as i post this question!

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