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CALLING HARSH CRITICS!!!! Does my sis sing good for 11? YOUTUBE CLIP INSIDE!?

My 11 year old sis wanted me to post this video of her singing on youtube and yahoo. This was her first attempt at the song. She knows she has some notes wrong, but she wants to know if the public likes how she sings. This is her singing Maybe from Annie:

She has another video of Somewhere Over the Rainbow if you're interested on my account. That's her singing higher.
She is in school choir but has never taken voice lessons, she plans to this summer.

Be honest!!!! Be harsh! (She says it's fine with her!)

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I found her singing quite adorable and I commend her for being so courageous by putting herself out for critiquing. She needs to sing more from deep inside herself. Taking better, deeper breaths, and not belting out the words so much. I understand that she need to project her voice, but she needs to do it in a manner that isn't so much as yelling it out. I do think she did a good job, unfortunately I don't think at an audition anyone would take her seriously. See if you can find songs more suitable for her singing range. Also see if she can sing in a way that isn't the same as she talks. That usually catches anyones attention. I hope this helps and encourage her to keep going, she has a great start!

Am I good at singing – YouTube Video?

Here's a video of me singing Space Oddity by David Bowie… I was aiming for 1,000 views but kind of gave up….but hey… Tell me what you think ^_^


Sorry I talk a lot at the beginning haha… I now have 69 subs thanks to that vid :3
Hope you like it…


Posted by Adzie Penguin
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You should sing with an instrumental, then you'd be able to hear your voice clear.
But you are good :D.
Check out my youtube channel?


This is me singing 30 day's by Nevershoutnever.


Am I a good singer? Any tips to improve my voice/guitar playing?

Thanks so much. C:

Caps lock. Ftw.

Posted by olivia.
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I think you sound good! You're on the right track. Remember that you can't practice too much. Play every day and sing every chance you get. One thing that'll make a big difference immediately is to stand up when you sing and play. Of course, I can't tell if you're standing or sitting here. But when you're standing, it's easier to sing more powerfully. It takes a little practice to play guitar standing up and if you've never done it before, it'll seem weird, but it won't take long to get the hang of it.

Another thing you can do is find other people to play with. Find someone who can sing harmonies with you. Singing harmony will really help improve your ear. You'll be amazed at how much better you'll be able to hit all the right notes after a couple years of practicing vocal harmonies. And it'll make you a better guitar player, believe it or not. When you only play guitar, the notes are coming from the outside going in, but when you sing, the notes are coming from inside and going out. And singing harmony really helps you internalize the 12 notes. With practice, you actually won't be able to hit a wrong note. Honestly, you'll actually have a hard time if someone asks you to sing out of key. And that's a good problem to have.

You have a good, strong voice and you're singing in tune. If you practice a lot, I know you could definitely become a very good singer. And you're young, so your voice will mature and get stronger over the next 10 years. Keep practicing and don't quit no matter what! Sing for your friends and family. I'm sure they'll love it. The more positive responses you get, the more confidence you'll have. You have the technical abilities to play and sing in tune. Now you need lots of practice (I can't stress that enough. Everybody, even professional singers, can always benefit from more practice) and lots of confidence. To be a great singer, you have to be totally unafraid to just let yourself go and pour yourself into each note. If you're not totally committed to what you're doing and if you have any doubt in your ability, it'll show in your singing.

You have a lot of potential. You can do something most people will never be able to do even if they really try. Don't forget that. Music is like magic for most people. They don't understand all the hard work that goes into it. Keep it up, never stop, remember that haters are gonna hate and they just don't matter and practice, practice, PRACTICE!

Hope that helps. Happy New Year!

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