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Craigslist Is My Music Scene (AtlanticCulture)

When people with no shared history make music together, it's both exhilarating and awkward.

Vodka, coke, Keith, candour – The Australian

Vodka, coke, Keith, candourThe AustralianOf the music magazines that still exist, none would now invite Keith to do a 30,000-word interview about the zeitgeist, the way Rolling Stone did in the early 1970s. The nearer Keith's interviews get to the present day, the more they tend to be pinned …

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Time Inc's Has a Big Problem—So Does Digital Journalism

Time Inc, the mother of newsmagazines, was born in 1922. She survived wars and recessions, grew up to be fabulously rich by mid-century, married the media giant Warner Communications, entered its prime years as one of the largest media companies in the world, suffered a mid-life crisis at the hands of AOL, and watched Warner Music Group and Time Warner Cable (both adopted offspring) graduate …

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