Voice Exercises

English exercises: Passive Voice

Celine Dion Shows Larry Her Vocal Warm Ups

Pop music icon Celine Dion performs some vocal stretching for Larry King.

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Robin Thicke's Paula Is One of the Creepiest Albums Ever Made (AtlanticCulture)

The "Blurred Lines" singer needs to issue yet another apology: for trampling on his estranged wife's right to be left alone.

Russia deploys 24 warships for Baltic Sea drills – The Voice of Russia

Russia deploys 24 warships for Baltic Sea drillsThe Voice of Russia"The number of the Russian Defense Ministry's troops and equipment involved in the drills is equitable with the number of personnel, armaments and military hardware employed in border exercises being conducted by NATO countries," the Russian Defense …and more »

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Voice Lessons & Tips: Brett Manning – Top 3 Vocal Exercises



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Bernstein and Scholes voice fears

Former Football Association chairman David Bernstein sees no end to England's under-performance in major tournaments.