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Whitney Houstons Voice Coach Speaks

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Vocal coach?!?!?! :/?

So i want my son to do vocal lessons and he is 14 with a passion for music he live in markham ON canada.
Could you remmonend any good teachers?
And how much would they normally charge?

Posted by waylonchui
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Unless you are home-schooling your kid, put him in whatever music program they have in his school Really. It'll give him the basics and give him a safe way to sing while his voice is probably doing crazy hormonal things. Depending what crazy hormonal things his voice is doing at the moment, you might want to wait until his voice settles somewhat before trying to put him into formal voice lessons. If his voice hasn't changed yet, it will and then he's going to have to learn to use his new/changing voice. You want an example of a talented boy soprano who apparently never learned to sing as an adult, look up Aled Jones and listen to recordings of him when he was a boy and recordings of him as an adult. He isn't a bad baritione, but nowhere as good as he was a child.
It's also difficult enough to master certain vocal techniques when you have a mature voice but have never had singing lessons before, than trying to sing when you have no idea what the next voice break is going to occur.

Everyone wants to be the next Justin Bieber or be the parent of the next Justin Bieber. However we don't know how long Bieber's career–or his voice–is going to last. He never had formal voice lessons, but he is taking lessons now from a coach (which I know most people couldn't afford) to help him transition through his own adolescent changes.

There are a lot of people who claim to be voice teachers, but all they care about is how much money you can get out of you. In the meantime, a young voice can be ruined for life.

So whomever you get, check their credentials. They should have at least some voice-related music degree–in fact they have degrees in vocal pedagogy (teaching voice). Not all singers make good teachers either, so don't rely on how impressed you are by the teacher's voice. My own voice teacher happens to be a professional opera singer, but one of the best teachers I ever had in college was an elderly lady whose own voice was completely shot but still had the know-how to teach and develop other beautiful voices.

Prices in the United States are all over the place, and I expect this is true of Canada. The most expensive is not necessary the best but try not to just pick the cheapest either. Go by what their qualifications are. Some teachers don't teach children at all. Most voice teachers charge by the hour, and many give half-hour lessons. Scheduling can be flexible, so even if you can't afford to go every week, you still might consider going less often to a teacher you really like, than one you don't.

Be patient and make sure it is your son who wants this and not just you. Your aim is to make sure that he doesn't ruin his voice before he matures into manhood and can really have a choice of what kind of music career (if any) he wants.

Vocal coaching?

Hi, I'm 14 years old and I will be having vocal coaching soon, the only problem is that I am very very shy. I need to be in a more posotive frame of mind in order to feel more comfortable and therefore come across more confident.
Is there anything you can say to me to help me feel better/ motivated, I am afraid I may freak out and be unable to sing a note lol.

Thanks, all advice appreciated. 🙂

If you would like to hear me sing go to link below, all coments welcome

Posted by NeverGuess
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Every vocal coach I've ever come across and worked under has been extremely kind to me, they're always very nice people to work with. They never criticize you, and when they give you things to work on with your voice, they are able to do it in a very kind and pleasant way. You have absolutely nothing to worry about, and you can trust them with your voice!

It also helps that you have a pretty good voice, once you learn to project and become more comfortable and confident with your singing abilities, you could become a great singer! I usually have an ear for separating people who have potential from those who don't.

Should i get a vocal coach?

I think i can sing but i'm not really sure and im scared that if im bad that the vocal coach will think im an idiot or laugh at me.

Posted by joe d
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A vocal coach is not necessarily a voice teacher. A coach usually accepts people who already are secure in their singing and work on their delivery (emotion, enunciation, arrangement). Goes without saying that a teacher teaches. No reputable teacher would think you are an "idiot" or laugh at you. That would be totally unprofessional and, should that happen, run! If you think you can sing, you probably can—the mind is half the battle. Be brave, be secure, and find a reliable, pro teacher who can evaluate your voice and certainly do nothing but improve it. Don't however, lose your own style…learn what YOU need!

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