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Questions and Answers

What's the average cost of a Vocal Teacher?

I love to sing, and I'm pretty ohkay.
Most days at least.
I kinda want Vocal Teacher, so I can learn a couple things.
How much do they cost?
The Cost in the United States.[=

Posted by a.e.b
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It is quite variable depending on how experienced the teacher is and wide their style knowledge is too.

Seems to be around $50-100 possibly more … This is a site i found for some New York based singing coaches.


I find that personalized coaching is good for very specific tasks but for more general singing learning you can get a lot out of downloadable teach yourself programs which cost a faction of the price and you can do in your own time.

Here is a review site for some of these programs:

What is the Best way to learn how to Sing?

What is the best software/Method that will teach you how to sing great? I really want to learn how to sing (So good that it might impress people haha) but i dont want to buy a product that wont teach me everything. Please tell me if you learned how to sing, how you learned please! Thanks for all you're help! =) – Shelton.

Posted by smuns123
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You need a vocal coach. Not software. The unbiased opinion of a trained teacher will help you faster if you practice than if you try yourself with software. The teacher will pick up much faster on the things that need to be corrected for you to be great than you will. You will also learn through the process what you should be looking for when singing so that you can correct it on the spot. That way you will be saving your voice, sounding great and having fun.

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Easy Singing Lessons For Beginners

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