Videos of Ella Fitzgerald Singing

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What songs did/do you sing to your children?

Hello everyone, good afternoon!

I thought I'd ask this question, because I just found a home video of my mum singing "winter song" by Chris Rea and a song I can't name by Ella Fitzgerald.

What songs did you sing to your children when they were very young?

Posted by wolf
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My son is now 4 1/2, but when he was a baby he used to watch Nick jr quite a lot and loved the jimmer jammer song, so i used to sing that while we were hugging at night or when he woke in the night. He loved it.

Is there any video or footage of Louis Armstrong singing with Ella Fitzgerald?

If so, where could I get it?
I'm not looking for queries on popular video sites such as YouTube, since most of those results are user-made photo videos. I'm talking about recorded performances of these two singers, live or at the studio.

Posted by delectomorfo
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Your local library might have some old VHS tapes. Mine did.

Check WorldCat

What do you think of my singing?

This is me, singing Misty by Ella Fitzgerald.
What do you think?
My apologies for the bad quality on the high notes.

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Ill post a comment on ur video with my youtube account now =)

Will you answer mine?

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