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Any good tricks to singing better?

I have an audition to be in a play next year but I need to be able to sing better but I can't afford lessons. Got any methods or tricks to help me? I really want to be able to sing amazingly! Thanks.

Posted by Amy
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Sorry, but the only SAFE way to improve PROPERLY is to take face-to-face lessons with a fully-trained vocal teacher! Please do NOT rely on any dodgy web tutorials because that way you can misunderstand things VERY EASILY and develop bad habits, hoarseness, vocal nodules and other nasties IN NO TIME. It is always much wiser to invest a little bit of your money/time to face-to-face lessons rather than wasting the same amount of money (or even more!) to frequent ear-nose-throat specialist visits due to aforementioned problems. If you can't afford vocal lessons, then joining a choir is the only SAFE alternative option.

Always remember to warm up your voice properly, but please know your limits and don't overdo your voice! Remember the diaphragmatic support, do not strain your throat too much! Also, remember good body posture!

Avoid fizzy drinks (burp danger), dairy products (mucus risk), caffeinated products (coffee & tea included, they dry up your throat) and spicy food (irritation risk)! You can consume these things, but NEVER before singing!

Do NOT shout, yell, scream nor otherwise abuse your voice AT ANY TIME! Also, please respect your vocal range; if your teacher says you are, say, an alto , then you ARE an alto. Do NOT try to imitate anyone famous, that will usually give you just bad habits and even damage your throat.

Do NOT sing, whisper, shout, yell nor scream if having a sore throat/cold/flu, Also, do speak as little as you can if you have flu/cold/sore throat!

Remember to drink at least 2 litres of room-temperature still water every day, not just during singing days!

Avoid inhaling secondhand smoke!

What's the trick to singing and playing the guitar?

I just can't get it right. I've been playing for a few monthes i'm a singer but when i try and sing and play at the same time i sound horrific. Even if it is simple only a few chords or real simple picking.
Blah! What immature brat do you think i am!? I practice and play for at the least an hour a day. I know it doesn't come over night.
But there are definently things that can help you, I am sure.

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Practice is key. Singing and playing doesn't come naturally to me either. I have been doing it for 20 years and still have to slow it way down and practice the hell out of it before I can get it to sound right.

What I do is slow it down and make note of what words fall on what beats of the song. Also, if the rhythm of the guitar part is at all different than the rhythm of the singing, then make note of where those differences are and try to anticipate them as they come up. I've had really good results in doing this and recommend you try it.


Hi love singing and my voice i really good im sending out demos soon! But sometimes i cant hit a high note what kind of practices can i do to help correct this.

Posted by Taylor
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Hey i sing. Umm even though i'm a guy i still know how to do this. You have to strech your voice out. Now to do this it's quite the opposite of what you may think. You should NOT try to just sing higher. This will make you strain your voice. The trick is to practice lower songs. Sing lower and it will strech your voice. Then try to sing higher notes and it will stretch it even further. Do this for a week or two and you'll be all set!
Good luck with everything, and id LOVE to hear your demos!!!!
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