Tips on How to Sing Better

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Can i get some tips on how to sing good?

Just want to learn how to sing good…

Posted by BOB46
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Sing well

There are so many factors to singing. First and for most remember that your body is the instrument. You need to put it together to work properly.

Standing straight, with relaxed but straight knees, and chest high. Imagine a string about two inches below your collar bone attached to the ceiling and another attached to your head also pulling you to the ceiling.

Relax, a relaxed sound is the best, because when you are nervous and on stage, your habits kick in so standing with good form needs to become a habit.

Open your mouth and breath from your diaphragm.

Learning how the body works is important, your mouth and sinuses are like the part of a guitar where the sound resonates and becomes rich and beautiful. Practice different ways to say every vowel, find what sounds the best and adjust depending on how high or low the note is. Do not move your head, it will not help you go higher or lower, it will strain your neck and make it worse.

Sing on the vowel, do not close to a "n" or an "m" or an "s" or a "t" until the very last second, and connect words by the consonants if you can, Instead of "and will", sing "ah ndwill".

These things will help, but remember to record yourself and judge your sound based on those recordings, not how you think you sound.

Warm up, and no more than 1 hour of strong singing in a day.

Tips to help me sing better?

So I'm a good guitar player, but I'm terrible at singing. This is not good because I want to be a singer/songwriter. The problem is the obvious: I can't sing. Even when I do hit the notes, I still sound bad. But that's not to say I don't have trouble hitting the right notes, because I do. When I'm playing a song, I just can't seem to find the notes. And besides "just hitting the notes" what can I do to sound good?

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Well singing and playing any instrument at the same time is difficult at first. The instrument playing should be practiced often so that it comes as a second nature – then you can concentrate on singing!

Make sure you are singing properly – not through your nose or throat, which actually hurts your voice. Try singing from your 'gut'. If yo don't know how, a good way to find out is to open your throat wide, as if you are trying to yawn but same time trying to hold in your yawn. You don't have to sing like that all of the time, because that's an extreme, but that's the basic feeling of really singing from your gut.

If you are having trouble finding the notes or staying in tune, you should train your ear. Keep playing your song, even going over the scales of the chords you're playing or what key you're in.
You should be able to feel when there is dissonance – When you've hit a sour note. Usually, those notes are notes not in the chord you're playing or out of the key you're in, so keep practicing and going over.

After you are great at staying in tune and singing correctly, fiddle around with different techniques. Using falsetto/headvoice some times can help add emotion, style, or dynamics to a song. Switching from your chest/gut voice to a head voice successfully can sound great. Adding vibrato to the end of notes you hold out longer is good too, and requires some control.
A very successful singer can harmonize by ear, so if you're up for it, try to harmonize, because not always will everyone be a lead singer, and even if they are, harmonies sound nice!

ALSO! This is really recommended – When you practice singing, record your self!!! It sounds funny at first because of our real voice and our perceived voice to our self, but after a while you can really begin to get used to your own voice and i find it helps to go over maybe a few mistakes you didn't notice as you were actually singing.
If not, at least sing with a microphone so you can hear yourself back in your 'real' voice through speakers.

Find a way to sing that does not feel like you are straining your throat – You are probably doing it wrong if that happens.

OH! And avoid dairy products and beverages before singing. Tea is great, water is a basic too!

Good luck 🙂

Tips on how to sing better ?

Just a few min. Ago I was singing in the microphone and when I played it it sounded rough and it didn't sound like me at all ! Do any of you Y!A users know some tips on how to sing better ?

Posted by Ron
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Singing karoake can be hard.

Ask the DJ to use the head phones so you can hear your self singing, or if they won't let you do that, just cup your hand around your ear so you can hear your self sing. It helps. I'm not much of a singer myself, but some thing I've noticed others do is to sing only in their range, don't try to sing above or below. It makes you sound really bad, unless you are able to hold a different range. Also, try holding your fist to your stomach when you first start practicing, just below your rib cage. It will help you learn to breath better. You should be breathing out as you are singing. You can practice at home with the radio, try to mimic the person singing the song. Use the same range they are in and try to catch the notes the same way they do. I don't know if this is going to be very helpful. Maybe I should just leave it to the experts. I hope someone answers witth better advice.

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