Tips for Singing Auditions

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Rose Royce – I Wanna Get Next To You (LYRICS + FULL SONG)

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Questions and Answers

Do you have tips for a singing audition?

I'm an alto and plan on singing "Once Upon a December" by Deana Carter. The audition is 4 parts: solo, sight reading, harmonizing, and stage presence. I don't get nervous on stage, but auditions scare me! Any tips for that? Also, it's hard to harmonize on a song I don't know the alto harmony for (especially when I'm singing with people already in the Academy Singers group who know their part really well). I don't know if there's a way to fix that… Do you have fast ways to touch up on my sight reading? I play piano but have trouble singing by sight.
I know I can sing/ have talent of some sort because I'm already in Academy Juniors, the middle school's most "elite" chorus group. But I'm going into high school and the tryout will be a lot harder. Sooo I just need tips- EVERYTHING helps!! Thanks a ton. 🙂

Posted by Jenn Skye
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I know how you feel, i get nervous in auditions too. What i do is try to relax and take a deep breath before singing. Maybe image your the only one in the room and no one is watching. Your posture should be straight….. And don't forget to smile and show a confident attitude!!!
For sight reading, i know, difficult, but there is a way to practice it. You can find pieces that you've never sung or have heard of before, sing them (maybe record yourself??) and then play it on the piano if possible, since you said you can do that well, and then fix your mistakes. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!!

Good luck out there!

Singing audition tips?

I recently was selected to audition for a talent search company at my local mall. Next weekend is the talent portion. We have 45 seconds to either act, sing, or dance. I think I'm going to choose singing, even though I've never sang in front of a crowd or anything before (other than elementary school choir, which isn't really that serious…). I really enjoy singing leisurely and my sister always tells me I have a good voice. I'm going to be singing Lean On Me by Bill Withers, a cappella. So anyway, I was wondering if anyone has any good vocal or mental tips for a good audition. Thank you!! (:

Posted by Kenzie
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When you are going for an audition, make sure to dress nicely and to not wear shoes that are too high as they can alter your balance and affect the way you breathe due to posture changes. Always keep your arms relaxed at your sides, make sure you are not lifting your chest while breathing (indicative of a chest breath and not a diaphragmatic breath), and do not stare at the person you are auditioning for too hard! It helps to glance over, and then across the room at your "imaginary" audience. Make sure you know your material very well, as losing the words is one of the worst possible things that can happen in an audition.

Make sure you are very well warmed up before you go into your audition, and try to free yourself of any nerves beforehand so you don't crack up infront of them. Be confident, smile, take their response – whatever it is – graciously. A good attitude goes a long way. Good luck!

Singing audition : tips?

I have probably the biggest singing audition of my life next month , does anyone have any tips on how i can make my voice sound its best?


Posted by F-fadeoutkid
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I'm doing a singing audition tomorrow, and I looked up some singing tips. First, you should bring a water bottle with you to keep yourself hydrated. You should also drink herbal tea with honey, and avoid all dairy products the day or days before a performance. About 2 hours before your audition, you should eat a medium sized meal, so you're not starving but not really full either. Eat foods like eggs, apples,and pasta. Don't eat chocolate, cold water (or any cold drink), soft drinks, or acidic things (like citrus). Also don't eat any junk food, even if it's healthy. (like vegetable chips, etc.) You should gargle salt water also. (just be careful. I tried doing that today, and when there was only a few drops of water left in the cup I poured it all into my mouth. Apparently all of the salt built up at the bottom of the cup and I got a disgusting bitter mouthful of salt and almost threw up) You should also chew gum right before singing so your mouth is moist, and don't clear your throat.
And if you're really serious about becoming better for this audition, you can buy a Vicks steamer for about $35. I'ts kind of like a humidifier, but breathing in the steam, (according to the direction), will help your vocal chords.
Hope this helps, and good luck!!!

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