How to Sing Better for Girls

[monetize id=”1″] Questions and Answers Singing??? Theres this girl i know who sings through her throat (if you know what i mean) and my friends tell me the same thing…she's not so bad though, but i heard that through the throat isn't so good, singing by the belly is the proper way. She's asking me what to do, and i don't know how to get her to sing using her belly!?! HELP!!? Any advice, exercises, tips…. Posted by XxShellaxX [display_name […]

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How to Develop a Good Singing Voice

[monetize id=”1″] Questions and Answers How can i develop a good singing voice? Recently ive been like totally, inspired to sing good. I started listening to Queen and the Beatles and all of a sudden it hit me. I want to sing good!!! Hearing Freddy Mercury yell " Mommaaaaaaa" in that tone just made me go crazy. Now i don't think i have that great of a singing voice already and from what i hear, you need natural talent, just […]

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