Local Voice Lessons

Questions and Answers Voice Lessons…….? I am looking to take some voice lessons, I live in Licking county in Ohio, If anyone has any recommendations or any information at all I would deeply appreciate it! Thanks in advance, Emily. Posted by The Divine Miss Em,<3 [display_name id=”0″] Your best bet would be to go to the music department at Denison University (or, if you can get a ride, OSU or Capital or another nearby university) and ask for a referral. […]

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How to Get a Good Singing Voice

Questions and Answers Help with my singing voice? When I was 11 I had a great singing voice. I could sing a Kelly Clarkson song very well. When I turned 12, my voice sounded horrible. Probley from wrong technique. I am 13 now, it is still bad. Would a singing teacher help restore my voice? I just got finished playing Band Hero-I sang a lot. My voice hurts right now. I had some olive oil to lubricate my voice, but […]

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