Ella Fitzgerald Songs List

Happy 2014 RIP Birthday to Jerry Lieber, Ella Fitzgerald, and Albert King (Aquarius Papers) By Robert Wilkinson Today we celebrate the birthdays of three outstanding musical talents of the 20th century, one a legendary songwriter, one a blues Master, and the third the "First Lady of Jazz." Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Jerry… [monetize id=”1″] Questions and Answers Can someone post a Fallout 3 song list? Just wondering if anyone could post all of the songs from Fallout 3. […]

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YouTube nigahiga How to Sing

[monetize id=”1″] Questions and Answers What is a good youtube username? I can't decide what YouTube username I should use for my YouTube account. I want something creative that people will remember, such as popular YouTube celebrities like: Nigahiga, HappySlip, Jacksgap. I'm a creative girl. Most of my videos will be: challenges, singing/music, blogging, hair tutorials. The username can include: Karey Boo Karen Misu (my cat's name) And a creative but not too weird word. It Can't be too long. […]

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