How to Sing Your Best

Questions and Answers Anyone who is singing on Youtube or has a singing Youtube channel? If you subscribe to me I'll subscribe to you…because I need people that can give me feedback on my vids and I'll be glad to give you feedback on yours!! Here's my channel Http:// Posted by Nacho Muchacha [display_name id=”0″] Do not just SING the lyrics, FEEL, the lyrics. Watch how these people FEEL the song. Makes all the difference. Try coping Melinda Doolittle until […]

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How to Really Sing Good

[monetize id=”1″] Robert Morse on Bert Cooper's musical 'Mad Men' send-off – Los Angeles Times New York TimesRobert Morse on Bert Cooper's musical 'Mad Men' send-offLos Angeles TimesI went “Oh God, really? It's been 7 years.” “Well, really you know, we just have to do that, things are going to happen. But I love you, you know how much I care about you.” He said, “When I did 'The Sopranos,' we'd just shoot somebody to get them off …'Mad Men's […]

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