Learn How to Sing Online for Free

Questions and Answers Any good free singing lessons online? I want to learn how to sing better, I've enjoyed it ever since I got a role in a play when I was younger. Anyone have any good links to FREE vocal excercises/tips that are really good and that I will benefit from? Posted by jessie [display_name id=”0″] Online lessons are a very bad idea. If you are interested in improving, the only safe way to improve is to have lessons […]

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How to Sing Good Online

[monetize id=”1″] Questions and Answers Learn to sing online?`? Hi I have always wanted to be able to sing. This is something I really wanna do. Would online singing lessons help? Are they worth their money. I looked at websites such as Http://www.singingsuccess.tv/forums/gene… and they seem promising but so expensive. Do any of you have any luck with them? Also what about singorama its not so expensive but is it worth trying and the money? I prefer to pratice singing […]

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