Singing Techniques

[monetize id=”1″] What's On – June 24, 2014 – Fleetwood Today Fleetwood TodayWhat's On – June 24, 2014Fleetwood TodaySimple singing techniques taught. Springfield Church Hall, Bispham Road, Bispham. 7pm. Details, (01253) 724817. Lytham light orchestra. Weekly meeting. Michael Hall Theatre School, Preston Old Road, Marton. 7.30 to 9.30pm. CHOIR PRACTICE.and more » [monetize id=”2″]

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How to Really Sing Good

[monetize id=”1″] Robert Morse on Bert Cooper's musical 'Mad Men' send-off – Los Angeles Times New York TimesRobert Morse on Bert Cooper's musical 'Mad Men' send-offLos Angeles TimesI went “Oh God, really? It's been 7 years.” “Well, really you know, we just have to do that, things are going to happen. But I love you, you know how much I care about you.” He said, “When I did 'The Sopranos,' we'd just shoot somebody to get them off …'Mad Men's […]

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