Learn How to Sing Online for Free

Questions and Answers Any good free singing lessons online? I want to learn how to sing better, I've enjoyed it ever since I got a role in a play when I was younger. Anyone have any good links to FREE vocal excercises/tips that are really good and that I will benefit from? Posted by jessie [display_name id=”0″] Online lessons are a very bad idea. If you are interested in improving, the only safe way to improve is to have lessons […]

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Singing Programs for Computer Free

[monetize id=”1″] Questions and Answers How to record singing? I want to record me singing a song so I can out it on the computer to add the music in the background and echoes and all that stuff, how do I do that? Posted by Jake [display_name id=”1″] Get a computer microphone(Atleast 30$ is good) Get a free program called audacity Record yourself in that Audacity is the god of sound editing and such there are tons of effects and […]

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