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How to take an Online Vocal Lesson with Jaime Vendera Glass shattering vocal coach Jaime Vendera talks about online music lessons, focusing on his "Raise Your Voice" approach to vocal training for strength, stamina and range, the Vocal Stress Release and Isolation methods, which can easily be mastered via online voice lessons using Skype through RockSource360. Jaime also touches on breaking glass on MythBusters. Questions and Answers Singing lessons/tips online? ? Anyone know of anysites that give you free singing […]

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Techniques for Singing Full Voice

【ENGLISH】 Karakuri Pierrot 【Voiceless】 [monetize id=”1″] Questions and Answers I have trouble singing high notes? In my head voice I can sing very high, but otherwise I'm an alto. Is there any way I can expand my range? Posted by You Know Nothing. [display_name id=”1″] If you mean by expanding how high you can sing in your chest voice, then yes, you can bridge the gap between your chest voice and head voice and build resonance in that area, over […]

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