How to Sing Out Facebook

Questions and Answers Adding pictures from phone to facebook.? I have no idea how to add pictures from my cell phone to my facebook! I am getting a new phone soon and want to have my pictures somewhere safe! I have texting, but not internet. The easier the instructions the better : ) Thanks soooo much!! I don't have the internet/web on my phone. I have txting though. How do I add pictures to facebook that way? Where do I […]

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How to Have A Better Singing Voice

[monetize id=”1″] Questions and Answers How to get a better singing voice? My friends say I sing good but sometimes I dont know if it true. I mean they might just be trying to spare my feelings, you know? So it sounds pretty average to myself but when I record it on my camera it sounds…not so good. Someone also told me if you use like earplugs and sing then thats what it will sound like to everyone else. So […]

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