Signing for Beginners

[monetize id=”1″] Questions and Answers Sign language???????????????????? I am 13 years old and i was thinking of learning sign language so could you please show me some web sits beginners. (im sorry if i have put this in the wrong class) Posted by chris [display_name id=”1″] I am learning sign language too, the website i use is for beginners so i think it will be okay for you, it has moving pictures and that. I dunno if your english or […]

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Singing Tips

Where I stood (cover): Missy Higgins [monetize id=”1″] Questions and Answers Can i have tips for singing? Video included? I don't care if you think i suck, i just need tips to get better. Http://… Posted by bibbit [display_name id=”1″] Singing tips no 1 Learn how to extend your vocal range. This is an important factor in developing a great singing voice. It will give your voice another dimension, and add an element of excitement to your singing. Extending vocal […]

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