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Top 4 Easy Songs to Sing for Beginners

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Song to sing for beginners?

I just started taking vocal lessons and I need to choose a song to learn on it.. The thing is I really don't know which song to choose…

I don't really know between:

Tattoo – Jordin Sparks
Miracle – Cascada
Everytime we touch – Cascada
Love Story – Taylor Swift
Who's that girl – Hilary Duff

Which one of those do you think is the best for beginners? I like them both and feel comfortable singing them all.. Plz help! Thanks..
* I like them all.

Posted by Miry
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I would pick something from a musical instead. Like "Part of your world" from Little Mermaid, or Somewhere over the rainbow from Wizard of Oz

Use those kinds of songs to build your technique. You don't need to be worrying about current pop music unless you're auditioning for American Idol-

but if you HAVE to pick one of those, then maybe go to Myspace karaoke and sing along with them to see which one you think works best. Also, talk to your teacher- they might have some insight.

Beginner Piano Songs to sing with.. Something recent?

I am going to sing in my showcase in a month…are there any really good songs to sing with piano that i could learn by then? I am not advanced in piano but have taken lessons.

Posted by E Money
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One song that's been stuck in my mind is Love Song, by Sara Bareilles. The piano in that is amazing and it goes wonderfully with a good singer. I wish i could play it because i sing it all the time. Haha.

Also, Mad World, by Gary Jules is a nice one, and one of my old favorite songs. I taught myself how to play it on the guitar, even though it's a piano song, so it shouldn't be hard to learn on the piano.

There are so many others, i'm sure. Good luck! :]

Singing – Beginner songs?

Can anyone tell me any good songs for beginners to sing?
Like breathe slow – alesha dixon?

Posted by 🙂
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I am a singer who has been on MTV……. The best advice I can give you is to buy a microphone and buy some karaoke songs and record all of your favorites!

Change the keys to fit how you will sound best…….. (change the pitch of the song to fit how high or low you can sing that particular song)
and find out which songs you sing best…………

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