Sings Like Ella Fitzgerald

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Questions and Answers

What style of jazz did Ella Fitzgerald sing?

Or what period of jazz.

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Ella sang many different styles of music-
the periods she sang thru were swing,bop.

Who is the nephew of the late great jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald and 2 songs he sings?

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Ray Brown Jr. Was actually Ella nephew it was her sister son. Ella and Ray Brown adopted him and call him their son and name him after Ray Brown Jr. Not sure at all, but was one of the songs a Beatles song Can't Buy Me Love? Hey I think I have the answer.
He made to R& B albums Slow Down For Love, Committed From the Heart.

What songs did Ella Fitzgerald write?

Doing a project and cant get a direct answer its giving me all this back round info that i dont need and things that she did with other people i wanted to know if anyone knew at least a few of the things she wrote.

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She made her singing debut at 17 on November 21, 1934, at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York.

1945 "Flying Home" set her career ablaze.


Ella Fitzgerald discography


Ella wrote the lyrics for Shiny Stockings.


Music Frank Foster

Lyrics Ella Fitzgerald

“Shiny Stockings” has two sets of lyrics, by both Ella Fitzgerald and Jon Hendricks. Fitzgerald recorded the tune with her lyrics in July of 1963 on Ella and Basie: On the Sunny Side of the Street. Hendricks recorded his lyrics in January 1963 on Recorded in Person at the Trident. Earlier recordings may exist. The ASCAP ACE database lists Foster as the writer for the instrumental version and both Foster and Fitzgerald for the vocal version.


Heres more than a few XD.

Other songs she wrote the Lyrics for: Source Link has the DATES of the songs.

A-Tisket A-Tasket (Ella Fitzgerald, Van Alexander)

Any Old Blues (Ella Fitzgerald)

Betcha Nickel (Ella Fitzgerald, Chick Webb)

Chew-Chew-Chew (Chew Your Bubble Gum) (Chick Webb, Buck Ram, Ella Fitzgerald)

The Cricket Song (Ella Fitzgerald)

Ella Hums The Blues (Ella Fitzgerald)

Ella's Contribution To The Blues (Ella Fitzgerald, Henry "Hank" Jones)

The Greatest There Is (Ella Fitzgerald, Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington)

I Don't Want To Take A Chance (Ella Fitzgerald)

I Fell In Love With A Dream (Ella Fitzgerald, Skye, Goldsmith)

I Found My Yellow Basket (Ella Fitzgerald, Chick Webb)

I Wonder What Kind Of Of A Guy You'd Be (Wing, Ella Fitzgerald)

It's Up To Me And You (Ella Fitzgerald)

No Sense (Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Brown)

Once Is Enough For Me (Ella Fitzgerald, Chick Webb)

Please Tell Me The Truth (Ella Fitzgerald, Edgar Melvin Sampson)

Sanford & Son Theme (Quincey Jones, Ella Fitzgerald) didn't know she wrote lyrics for this one did you LOL

Squatty Roo (Johnny Hodges, Ella Fitzgerald)

Who Ya Hunchin'? (Chick Webb, Ella Fitzgerald)

How anyone could think out of the span of this woman's career that she never wrote any songs is beyond me. Even Sinatra wrote some lyrics to the songs he sung. But to even bring the name of Elvis into Miss Ella. Shaking my head.

Out of every single song I heard this LEGEND sing, it was the way she phrased, arranged and blew out a Billy May arrangement of " Blues in the Night". In the 70s she was on a PBS special Previn and the Pitsburg with Count Basie. I sat there mesmerized almost with my mouth dropped open. She was that good. I don't know if that version is even on YT. But Man you want to do a project have this blowing in the background. Ella was phenomenal.


We literally have NO SINGERS TODAY.

And BTW JD, Elvis Wrote one hell of a lot of his own songs. God you must be young.


Suzanna Smith performs Peggy Lee Project at the Sound Room – SFGate

SFGateSuzanna Smith performs Peggy Lee Project at the Sound RoomSFGateWhen a concert producer asked her two years ago to do a cabaret-style salute to "The Great Ladies of Jazz," Suzanna Smith suggested doing tunes associated with four of her favorite singers – Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Anita O'Day and Sarah Vaughan.

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Ella Fitzgerald – How Long Has This Been Going On

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