Singing Tips for Teenagers

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Questions and Answers

Sleepover? Teenagers!!?

Any ideas for a teenage sleepover? Please i need ideas!! Lists, suggestions, tips! Anythingg!


Posted by EMzziess
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Truth or dare
Ding dong ditch
Flash light tag
Practicing makeup on each other
to catch food in mouth.

Teenager singing lessons?

Heey. Im 14 and I have an okay singing voice, it's pretty good, but it could be better. I want to take singing lessons but I am scared I am going to be stuck with an old weirdo as a teacher. Are the singing teachers all girls? I want a girl who is kind of young, because I am a girl and I don't want to me stuck with a guy or old women in her 50's, lol. So can anyone give me some information on this?

Posted by Brooke
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There are both male and female voice teachers. The majority of experienced voice teachers are in their 30's or older, though that age category may not fit your preference of "I want a girl who is kind of young." More important than the age of a voice teacher is finding the right teacher. Here are some tips about finding a voice teacher:

The teacher has an excellent ear, and carefully listens to, and gives you accurate feedback about your voice.

Has an understanding of vocal anatomy, including the respiratory muscles, the larynx and throat structures, and how they affect singing.

Allows you to tape record lessons or exercises in the lesson for take-home practice. Provides you with written exercises when needed.

Is professional in conduct yet personable. You should feel comfortable with this person. You should feel free to ask questions.

While being emotionally supportive, he or she should be able to challenge you to grow as a singer at the same time.

The teacher should be able to explain to you in depth why you are doing each exercise that he or she gives you.

If available go to a recital where this teacher's students are performing. If they mostly sound great then this is probably a very good indication of a competent voice teacher.

Avoid teachers who only take on students who are already professional vocalists. A good teacher can train any voice and would enjoy the challenge of doing so.

The teacher shows genuine interest in you as a singer.

The teacher understands vocal health issues including the need to drink water and monitor the speaking voice

Addresses the need to relax those tensions/muscles that can block good vocal production and vocal freedom.

Is emotionally stable and does not intimidate or talk down to you.

Your voice feels easier and more resonant when working together

I started to take voice lessons at age 18. My first voice teacher was 50 years older than me, while my second voice teacher was 30 years older than me. Both teachers were excellent, and they guided me in my vocal studies at school, where I eventually earned a master's degree in voice and an artist's diploma.

Songs to sing for tips?

I might be going to New York in a few months and I'm gonna sing on the sidewalk. Im not homeless just looking for a few bucks and to try get a noticed a little, any songs that grab peoples attention?
Oh and I'm only a teenager so this is a once and a while thing not a job!
Im only doing it for fun!!!! Who cares if nobody listens!!!

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I think you'll find lots of useful information on the sites above–plus how not to get arrested for singing on the sidewalk.

Good luck to you, have fun, and be safe!

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