Singing Tips for Men

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Rose Royce – I Wanna Get Next To You (LYRICS + FULL SONG)

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Questions and Answers

Helpful tips for singing?

Heres a few cover type things ive done
wanting some feedback as to how i can improve my range, control, tone and also suggestions for songs that suit my voice type – oh and if im any good.. If im terrible please tell me :p

Posted by Farrokh
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Hey man. Need to work on using your abdomen/stomach muscles to project your voice. And range and things like that come with time and practicing. One of the best and most important things to keep in mind is ENDURANCE! You have a lot of ppl who can sing but when they get on stage 20-25 minutes in they almost are too tired vocally to go on any longer for this i suggest woggling. A power walk. While doing this have headphones with music and sing. Doesnt have to be loud just enough to where it challenges you to the point where it actually gets hard. Im a rock singer so this came in handy when i built my endurance up.after its not that challenging anymore you can start jogging rather than a power walk. And as far as control, range etc. Just practice practice practice!! And alllways make sure when you sing you warm up first. Sing something thats on the lower pitch side and work your way up and man thats all i got for now lol hope this helps and i did this and it worked great! Good luck bro.

What are some good singing tips to teach yourself?

10 points to best answer.

Im a song writer, i can play guitar but im not a brilliant singing and i want to get better. I love to play even if its just in front of friends, people aat school or a cafe, it doesnt bother me i just love it, but seeing as i broke up with my bliddy ex who sang and now we dont talk im pretty much a solo man now and i need tips and good ones at that to continue.

Posted by Danznov
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This site might you sing better.


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