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Questions and Answers

How to record singing?

I want to record me singing a song so I can out it on the computer to add the music in the background and echoes and all that stuff, how do I do that?

Posted by Jake
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Get a computer microphone(Atleast 30$ is good)

Get a free program called audacity

Record yourself in that

Audacity is the god of sound editing and such there are tons of effects and you can get the free extra plugin pack.

Any free computer programs for changing voice for singing?

I was wondering if anyone knew of some free computer programs where you can modify/distort your voice a little bit. I wasn't really looking for anything like autotune but if it includes that too it'd be cool. I'm looking more for something that has like an echo like I'm talking in a tunnel. Anyone know some good programs?

Posted by Sickonsubstance
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Audacity is a good program… But you have to stop the track to add effects…. Reaper lets you edit while the track is playing. Makes it go much faster and you get instant results. I record with Audacity because my microphone has a delay with Reaper, then I transfer to Reaper to edit and mix.
Http:// Its free.
This is my band page. Http:// Check it out if you have a sec.
Dal (vocals)

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