Singing Lessons

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Singing Lessons : How to Warm Up Your Voice for Singing

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Questions and Answers

Vocal/ Singing Lessons!?

Hello, I want to learn how to sing. I know I'm not good at singing at all like 0, but nothing is impossible in this world if you put hard work to it. So I want to know if Vocal Lessons really help. Like NOT talking about school cause in school the teachers from chorus they choose your voice like my first year in chorus class the teacher put me in the Alto and then next year with a new teacher she put me as a Bass. So practicly they choose you the way you have to sing and they don't teach much. I want to learn how to sing in all type of pitch but I'm more exited into learning to sing in high pitch. I'm a guy by the way, and I like high pitch because my favorite rockbands are Pierce The Veil & Sleeping With Sirens and I want to sing like Vic Fuentes (PTV) really bad but at the same time have my own style. So I have been searching in the internet for a personal teacher but I have got the classes cause I dont know if they really help. I've try to learn by myself by watching videos from "Eric Arceneaux" from youtube but it still doesn't help me cause I just can't find the way to control my voice, I'm not a deaf tone cause I can difference the highs and lows I just can't sing that's more simple. So please give me some tips of how I can get started. I've looked for teacher online in & Also if I were to take private lesson what could it be a good way to have lessons but not to expensive like how many times a weeks. Plz help! And thank you!

Posted by Pierce the sleeping siren
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Singing lessons can help–but they can only help to develop the voice you actually have. If you are a bass, then no amount of training will make you a tenor. Voice lessons will teach you how to sing YOUR high notes, but your high notes may not be as high as another singer's high notes.
Everybody is a little different.

I don't recommend you take voice lessons at this time because your expectations are unrealistic. You have an agenda–meaning you want lessons to do certain things for you that they may not be able to help with. If you refuse to listen to how someone "chooses the way you sing" then you won't be a good student. When you take voice lessons–even if it's from someone who teaches non-classical styles of singing (which you seem to want), you will have to forget just about everything you think you know about singing. Singing is very physical and you actually have to learn how to use and train all the muscles and body parts involved in singing to behave in very specific ways that may seem downright odd and unnatural at first.

Many rock singers and pop singers are actually bad examples to copy because most of them do NOT have safe techniques of singing and quite a few of them run into vocal cord problems that need to be treated medically or surgically and sometimes vocal damage can be permanent resulting in loss of range or dynamics. Some singers also are lucky enough to have vocal cords of steel. They literally scream and growl when they sing, smoke packs of cigarettes (and other substances), drink heavily, stay up all night, etc, and they still sound good. There are other people who if they go out on a day when the pollen count is high will completely lose their voices.

Just something to think about.

If you want to take lessons, you need to be willing to keep an open mind. You would have to contact the teachers on places like and see what nearby teachers charge and what their scheduling is like. Prices and times vary a lot. It's best to find a teacher that can work with you face to face so you have immediate feedback on what you are doing. Some teachers do offer lessons by Skype, but it's best to try to find someone local.

Even if you don't think much of your choir teacher, he is actually a good person to ask about referrals to local voice teachers in the area. Also if you are still in high school, you need a voice teacher that will train your high school age voice. It will be some years before your singing voice is mature.

(That's another problem with copying singers. You have someone who is fifteen or sixteen trying to copy a 30 year old).

Other sources to look up teachers:

Tips on how to find a good teacher and what to look for I am not endorsing this teacher or anything, but this has great tips on what to look for especially if you absolutely do not want to learn classical singing. However, many aspects of traditional voice training can apply to other types of singing, so don't rule it out entirely.


Singing lessons?

Everybody tells me that I can sing really good and I LOVE to sing & write music! I would love turn my music into a career and be a singer/actress [the acting part has nothing to do with this, but I thought I'd tell you :)]. I want to improve my vocal and be comfortable singing in front of people. This is probably a stupid question, but what exactly are singing lessons and what do you do at them? Should I take singing lessons?
Another main thing that I want to accomplish is to make my singing voice stronger. How do I find a good teacher?

Posted by countrycutie128
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Singing lessons couldn't hurt, but make sure you are working with a teacher who understands why you want lessons, and what type of music you want to sing.

I took lessons back in the 80s, and loved singing show tunes and country music, but learned that my voice was better suited to gospel and the blues. My teacher, however, was interested in opera, and was convinced that I was a closet soprano waiting to be let out. She kept pushing me to higher and higher ranges, but I just got frustrated and finally quit. It wasn't until later that I realized how ridiculous it was to try to "train" a voice to be comfortable in a different range. I am definitely a contralto, or even an alto, so I don't know WTF she was thinking.

Singing lessons for the beginner?

I want to know what singing lessons are like for someone who is slightly better than tragic at singing haha. I would like to improve and sing awesome! I am a fast learner but do you think that's enough to be able to sing beautifully? I know all people are different but I want to get an idea of what I should be expecting.

What do singing lessons involve? What should I be looking for when choosing who to get lessons from?

Posted by creamysoupp
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Singing lessons are a great way to really strengthen your ability to sing. When you take lessons, you will learn to support your sound and make your tone rich and beautiful. They are SO helpful. I take them once a week with a great teacher, and she teaches me how to get a nice pure sound without straining, so the sound just comes out naturally and it's amazing. I'd say if you are really interested in becoming a better singer to get lessons, they help tremendously. And when you're looking for a teacher, look for someone that you're comfortable singing to. Someone that has experience, obviously, and someone that knows a lot about the art of singing. Singing is so fun, and voice lessons just make it even more fun!

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Singing Lessons in Melbourne at Vox Singing Academy Studios

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