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How to take an Online Vocal Lesson with Jaime Vendera

Glass shattering vocal coach Jaime Vendera talks about online music lessons, focusing on his "Raise Your Voice" approach to vocal training for strength, stamina and range, the Vocal Stress Release and Isolation methods, which can easily be mastered via online voice lessons using Skype through RockSource360. Jaime also touches on breaking glass on MythBusters.

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Singing lessons/tips online? ?

Anyone know of anysites that give you free singing tips etc ?

Posted by peanut
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There are a few of them.

The big thing on singing is Breathing. Learn to sing / breathe from your diaphram (down by your stomach). You inhale it pushed your stomach outwards (away from you) and you exhale it sucks your stomach inwards (toward you).

How to Breathe

How to Practice Singing

More on Breathing

Excercises / Drills

More info on singing and how

Any further questions. Feel free to email me.

Big things are breathing, posture, and tone.

To learn a song, practice the Key, Timing, and Breathing Pattern.

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Vocal Lessons online with Alexis Martinez

Alexis offers now a new way to have a Vocal Lesson.Whether you are one of his students at Walters Music School or lives far from that Studio you can have the same training with this Vocal Coach.
For more information visit

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Online Singing Lessons | Aprender a Cantar…