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Questions about singing lessons?

I really want singing lessons but I only sang to two people EVER but ether of them was my family, and when in the car I just fake sing so my mom thinks that I sound bad. I really don't want to sing infront of her and I don't really know how to ask…also, if you have ever done/are doing singing lessons could you tell me what the first time you were there was like? And just generally what its like? Thank yo!

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I've never had singing lessons, but I do sing. I have been in my church quoir for Christmas in 2011 and we just did several voice exercises to get a stronger voice and have a full breath of air and all that jazz. (We of course sang songs too xP) Have you tried to explain this to your mom? That you were kidding around? And also, you can find lessons on YouTube. And if you love singing, don't stop doing it. Not for anything. I hope I helped!

Best place to get singing lessons?

I recently discovered that my passion is singing. But.. I'm not a good singer. I used to sing a lot when I was a kid but I stopped when my voice started getting deeper because I couldn't hit high notes anymore. But after realizing that it's my passion, I started to reteach myself how to sing. I've been teaching myself how to sing for about a year and even though I'm a fast learner, I don't seem to be learning fast enough. I'm already a junior in high school and I want to start a career as soon as possible after high school. Where's a great place to get singing lessons? Please suggest actual places, not websites.
By the way I live in San Jose, CA so places around there would be ideal. Thanks!

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That's a pretty ambitious thing to do, a career and you just started is risky but how to find a person to teach you techniques for singing is hard to say. I'm sure your school has a choir I would ask the director and maybe people in the choir or anyone who sings if they take lessons and from whom especially someone who you believe is very talented, must have a good teacher.

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Kiwanis Church Sisters The Church Sisters – Southwest Virginia Today

Kiwanis Church Sisters The Church SistersSouthwest Virginia TodayJay said, “After we discovered that my daughters could sing so well, I was listening to a Gaither video and felt much moved by the song Farther Along, as sung by the Peasall sisters. … At the age of 10, he began mandolin lessons. … Youth Service …

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Confused About Kids Singing Lessons?

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