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Can i will able to Sing ?

Hi i am 16 years old boy from india. (turning to 16 at 10th feb.) when i was a kid i had very low voice but at that time i never cared about singing. Now i turned to 15 and now i am trying to become singer but i am not able to sing in even line. I sound horriable. Now i am trying to learn singing fast as i could. It's my seventh day of practice. I leaved everything for singing like internet,playing reading books etc from 4th day.i tried every type of song to sing but my sound have no match with any type of songs. :'( but i keep trying the main problem is i am not able to hire any teacher coz they are teaching only 3rd class bollywood songs but i want to learn only english songs. But thankfully i will go to us for collage after 1 year. So i should keep practicing for next 1 year to make my voice little bit smoother so i can learn singing from experts easily in us?

I am big Michael jackson and justin bieber fan. I tried some of mjs songs but i found no match between notes and my sound BUT i can sing some SLOW songs like shes out of my life easily and my sound match song like 40% i tried JB's some songs like baby and boyfriend and i can sing those songs like 40%. I have some questions please answer it.
1) JB is also in puberty than why he still sounds great ?

2) i got advice from one blog that i should start singing from slow songs so what should i do ?

3)i am not able to hire any teacher coz they are teaching only 3rd class bollywood songs but i want to learn only english songs. But thankfully i will go to us for collage after 1 year. So i should keep practicing for next 1 year to make my voice little bit smoother so i can learn singing from experts easily in us?

4) i am very new in singing so i don't know which songs are sutiable for me ? Can u give me some name of MJ's and JB's songs so i can practice them.
5)when i should transfer my practice from SLOW songs to FAST songs ? (like MJ's thriller and JB's beauty and a beats)
after how many years ?
5) will i am ever able to sing like pro ? And how much time it will takes ?

Music is now part of my life and if i will never able to sing than i will sucide for sure coz music is my life. :'(

Posted by Nexus
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Don't rush it, singing takes time to learn. You did reach puberty so you voice changed a bit. Try some vocalizations first to get your pitch right. Don't drink or eat anything cold, just plain water. If you have a smart phone, you could download a piano and use that as a reference. Try singing simple songs, don't rush with powerhouse songs. Don't start with MJ or JB, start with basic songs. You could go to a music school and get a vocal coach to get you started. You don't become a great singer in 7 days. I know, I've been there.

Some answers to your questions:
1) JB has started singing at a young age, that's why he can adapt to his voice change. You're just getting started.
2) Start from slow songs. Try singing songs that don't use high notes. Start with songs that are easy to process for anybody before going to songs like roar etc.
3) It's okay to do self coaching for the next year. Like I said, do some vocalizations.
4) Again, don't start with MJ or JB. Those songs are simple to hear but hard to perform. But if you really want to sing their songs, I'd suggest find a song of theirs that are slow and easy to follow.
5) To sing like a pro will take a lot of time especially because you're just starting out. Try to learn basics of singing. Don't rush it as I have said. Learn slowly. What you're doing is finding a shortcut through it to get to the finish line early.

And if music is a part of your life, then keep that at heart. I answered something about why suicide is bad, you should read that to keep a little heads up. It's also in yahoo answers. You could search it on google. And by the way, you love singing, you love music. Music won't disappear, and neither should you. These things are obstacles that you should be facing and not running away from. If you want to be a great singer, get some passion into it, don't just think "I want to learn how to sing as quickly as I could possibly can." That is really impossible. Here's a quote: Music is life, I love music, music is my life, it keeps me happy, it's free for anyone to keep, and love and cherish. Music is everywhere, you will forever hear me, you will forever be with me in happiness. You can do it! You are motivated so that means you're on your way. Just not that close to what you're expecting but you're on your way. Good Luck!

Name Game for kids?

Ok so i need to find a song for kids to learn each others names.. There are a few we learned in class.. Anyone have any more ideas?

Posted by pr3ttyinpinkrgv
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I have all the kids names written on a sentence strip with their own sticker. We sing (the tune is actually kind of different every day!) – It's time to play the name game, the name game, the name game. It's time to play the name game, what's your name? Then we show the cards first to the child who it belongs to and they recognize their own special sticker and their letters – after they have all learned their own name, we branch out to their friend's names. It works and it's amazing what they can retain!

What to start some type of saturday kids class, legal rules?

So I want to create a small music program for kids on Saturdays. Sort of like music camp or singing workshop. I would rent out a space like at a park district, and the program would have a small amount of kids. I am majoring in music ed, I have been singing for years. What are some legal things that I need to know before I can start a program like sthis.
And what it the parent has to stay there, then does the rules change?
Where can I find legal info on this?

Posted by Tiffany C
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If you start a school for kids only, then you will likely have to get permits to operate some type of day care. You say you want a camp, a work shop and then you will just happen to teach singing. You could probably just start a singing school with lessons for teenagers, but if you insist on only kids and a group of them, then you have to care for children on Saturday. Basically to get people to trust leaving 5, 6, or 7 year old at some park district of yours is a day care center, regardless of what you're teaching.

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