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Vote: Who is the better singer/most attractive? Michael Bublé or Ewan McGregor?

Alright, my sister and I are having a little debate. Answer with your vote for the following 3 questions:

1) Which of the following men is the best singer based on these two songs?

Michael Bublé "Haven't Met You Yet"
Ewan McGregor "Your Song"

2) Which of the following men is the most attractive?

Michael Bublé (Google Images)
Ewan McGregor (Google Images)

3) Finally, which of the following men is the overall best, considering both vocal qualities and attractiveness?

Posted by ¿ Maddish ?
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MICHALE BUBLE!!! NO QUESTION!!! Who likes ewan mcgregor. He is lame. And not attractive in any way. Where as michael buble is fine! HE IS FINNE! Like a fine tipped sharpie. Like my GAWD!
WOWOWOWOOZER! I am stunned that some one would even need to ask. I mean like hold up a pic. Of michael next to ewan and this question would have been answered. Pshht…… Ewan. What kind of name is that anyway…? Lame! Thats all i have to say. And i love justin bieber too! Whoo booy! He is… He is somethin else. My goodnesss. OHH AY DIOS MIO! ( oh my god in spanish , for all those who like french :P) my my sorry i am getting off track here….what was i on….. Oh yes, micheal buble. And that thingy over the E is so unnneeeded. And anyone who would lets say take the time to copy and paste it in is an oaf. But you know its not like i know who posted this question or anything. Its not like this could be the sister spoken of in the question or anything. That would just be so weird. Like who would waste time in their life to type out this? Speaking of wasting life typing things….. Who would take the time to go one some one elses laptop and type a fake blog in microsoft word to make fun of some one for asking for money. WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS..MILEY CYRUS!!? OH NO GIRL!!!! But yeah THAT would be lame. So if anyone like did that theyd be lame. Yeah so any one that would do that should just make them selves a little name tag that says "HI, you can call me KID ROCK, or what my friends call me IT" yeah YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!! Thats right i went there. And i bought property. I called you a kid rock. Mmmmmmhmmm yes mam. I went there. You can read it over agian but your eyes arent deciving you. I called you an it, or a kid rock. They are pretty much the same thing so either or is okay.
Where was i…..i keep getting off track. Oh yes. JUSTIN BIEBER. I know thats not what i was talking about, but he is just such a good place to start. I love him. Yeah…..
Welll if you will excuse me i am off to play girlsense and webkinz. So goodday to you total stranger.

PS> BLANKEY F-ING ROCKS! I love him soooooo much. Kinda more then justin bieber so thats alot. Yeahhhh. He is here. As i write this. But you being a total stranger mean you have no idea what i am talking about so yeah..

PSS> i was listneing to michael buble the whole time i typed this so HAH!

Who's your favorite male singer? I like Michael Buble.?

Posted by Lindsay
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Michael Buble is one of my favorites. I saw him recently on Lettermans' show and bought his latest CD>

Michael Buble…..?

My husband and I are going to the New Orleans concert Tuesday night and I hear his concerts are amazing. My question is….how long does the concert last? Does he have an opening act? If so…who? And are there any special things I should know or look for at his concert. And please tell me we are allowed to bring cameras! : ) I know some places are picky about cameras…etc…(photo camera). Thanks!

Posted by smayrae
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Yes, his concerts are amazing! When I saw him in concert, his show lasted 1 hour and about 45 minutes. His opener was Jan Arden. She's kind of a folky type singer. His shows are pretty funny. He does this little thing with his trombone player that had me in stitches! I believe that he allows digital cameras at his events. At some point in his shows, he jumps off the stage into the first few rows and does pictures. Check the venue's website and it should tell you. He's pretty relaxed about pictures being taken during his show.

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