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I'm looking for free singing lessons online?

Right i'm going to sound cocky and full of myself and stuck up here but this is my honest opinion on my voice :
I can hit all notes apart from low ones, I need to work on them big time, High notes i need to work on but not so much, I can sing and have been told that i just sound plain, I need a unique voice.
Uhmm second i'm telling you this because i need singing lessons online for free so i can get tonnes of money and give it to Africa for food, fresh water pumps for fresh clean water and any materials they may need.
From Danielle age 13 from England.

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Anything for free usually aint worth it. A lovely dream – but I'm afraid that's all it is.

Please do not take advice from wannabe singers, web advisers or web singing teachers whose 18th century logic on the human voice has no basis factually or biologically and who have no qualifications in Laryngeal Biomechanics. They can do you more harm that good.
And your only 13 you are still going through puberty and your larynx is still immature.

Do you seriously expect we Voice coaches who have studied for years and had to pay huge University costs – to teach you for free. We are no different to doctors or dentists. We are dealing with the human body. When we do teach on Skype it's because we can hear and see you and we charge for the appointment by the hour.

You'd be far better to join a choir first and see how your voice stands up to continuous practice, I am sure the choirmaster can help you to start you off. No I don't think your cocky at all you just have to be more realistic and take baby steps to begin with.

I need free singing lessons online?

I really stink at singing, but I want to be great! I need free online singing lessons that can help me. I can't go to a real singing lesson place so I just thought online would be easier.

Posted by sportsgirl
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Real lessons would be ideal, because an experienced teacher would be able to help you train your voice and tell you when your pitch is off, because sometimes even the most experienced musicians can't tell when they are.

Not only to they teach you to actually sing, but they go through techniques to improve your tone- such as breathing exercises and techniques, to exercises to extend your vocal range.
Also it's a lot more fun, and helps to build your confidence massively!

If you're scared of singing in front of others in a lesson (whether it be other students or just you and the teacher) seriously, don't worry about it, you're all there for the same reason, to improve your voices… So you probably all feel as nervous as each other! Eventually you grow used to it, and feel more comfortable as your voice improves.

Either way, the best ways are through exercises and practicing these, as opposed to merely singing full songs.

Happy singing!:)

Free Singing Lessons Online?

Anyone know where i can get free singing lessons online.

Posted by Ricardo
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Unfortunately singing is a funny thing and everyone brings their own special problems to it. The best way to improve is to have in person sessions with some who has a lot more experience than you do. If you can;t afford that, then you might be able to teach yourself by recording yourself and making a list of all the problems then doing what you can to fix those and then rerecording, and so on, and so on. Doing that still won't be anywhere close to working with someone in person.

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