Sing Like Your Favorite Singer

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Questions and Answers

Who your favourite band/ singer?

~~I really like westlife and black eyed peas!! And i like Fergie's new London bridge!!~~ all of them are so cool! YOU?

Posted by ^^NaTaLiE^^
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My favourite singer is one & only-

SONU NIGAM. He sings from his heart
His voice is mind-blowing.

What would you sing for your favorite singer?

If you had one chance to sing before your fav singer who would it be,what song will you sing and why would you sing it.

Posted by xotrinireinaxo
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Well my favorite singer is accually dead. She got shot in '95 and she was only 23 but if I had to sing for my second favorite singer it would be rodney atkins, its america, and because its the best song he ever sang.

Who is your favorite singer?

Not rap. Rap is not singing.

Posted by MandaMarie
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If it counts as singing my favorite singer is Alex kohler, warning it has loud noises.

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