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Star sign survey! Meanest,nicest…

In your opinion, the…

Nicest sign is:
Meanest sign is:
Funnest sign is:
Funniest sign is:
Laziest sign is:
Happiest sign is:
Enegetic sign is:
BEST sign is:

And Is it strange that Sagittarius' are known to be outgoing, and social…yet I'm introvert, and probably the shyest person you'll ever meet?

Star if your happy! 🙂
My answers:
Nicest sign is: Pisces
Meanest sign is: Cancer
Funnest sign is: Leo
Funniest sign is: Sag
Laziest sign is: Virgo
Happiest sign is: Libra
Enegetic sign is: Aries, Leo
BEST sign is- Sag!!

Posted by dont dream// its overr ♠♠♠
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Nicest sign – Cancer
Meanest sign – Aquarius, Scorpio
Funnest sign – Gemini
Funniest sign – Sagittarius
Laziest sign – Virgo
Happiest sign – Leo, Libra
Energetic sign – Leo, Gemini
Best sign – There is no best sign because they are all good in their own ways.

Is sign language an international language?

Is there only one sign langauge that is the same all around the world? Or is there an English sign langauge, Arabic sign language, Chinese sign language, French sign language, etc?

Can people who come from cultures who don't speak the same language communicate using sign langauge?

Posted by worldpeace
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There are many sign languages. Users of different sign languages cannot understand each other, just as users of different spoken languages cannot understand each other.

Your question suggests you think there might be sign language equivalents of spoken languages, i.e. Arabic sign language is used in places where people speak Arabic. This is not true because sign languages are created and used by themselves; they are not signed versions of spoken languages. Nicaraguan Sign Language, for example, was created entirely by deaf children who lived in the same school in Nicaragua; it is not a signed version of Spanish. American Sign Language also is not a signed version of English — it has its own syntax and is very different from English in some respects. I hope this clears that up.

(Actually, there is a signing system called Signed English that IS a signed version of English but it's not considered a language.)

Singing on youtube….?

Any tips on how to get people to notice you if you post videos of yourself singing?

Posted by
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Sing super well, or sing like your dying of a throat disease. Do covers of famous songs or songs that are currently out. In fact, don't limit to just American songs. Go for Japanese and post them on Japan's YouTube, NicoNico Douga.

Just whatever you do, sing your best; if the song calls for some editing, then do so; Just post your videos and make sure to tell your friends, so that they share it everywhere.

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Edit Public Profile Sign Out – The Plain Dealer

Edit Public Profile Sign OutThe Plain DealerEdit Public Profile Sign Out. Favorite Schools. Expand. Favorite Teams. Close. Subscribe. The Plain Dealer · Sun News. Comments. Beachwood's Shelley Zimmerman is now police chief of San Diego, where going against the Buckeyes and Cleveland sports …

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Robert Pattinson-Let Me Sign-Song From Twilight.

Japan's Nishikori out in French Open first round

Japanese ninth seed Kei Nishikori crashed out of the French Open in the first round on Monday, clearly still suffering from his recent back injury. Nishikori, 24, was the first Japanese man in 75 years to make the fourth round in Paris in 2013. But on Monday, there was never any sign that he would repeat that feat as he went down 7-6 (7/4), 6-1, 6-2 to Slovakia's Martin Klizan in three minutes …