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I wanna make a youtube video for the first time what should i do?

Should i sing?should i dance? Should i prank call some one? If so who????lol or should i talk and if you want me to talk what do you want me to talk about??? And if you want me to sing??what song?? Im not realy that good a t singing but im not horrabile i need ideas!!

Posted by smile<3
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Really its up tp you!
You can actually do all the things you have listed in one video or make seperate videos.
If you're still not sure watch some videos on youtube to give you an idea.
Some ideas are:
Sing to your favortie songs
Make a horror movie
Make an introductory video saying who you are and that its your first time making a video and that youll be postin more videos up
You can make funny videos like Ryan Higa does he has some good videos so be sure to look him up.
Well i hope this helps=]

I need a new name for YouTube! I quite like 'nigahiga' – Ryan Higa's name, but arghh. I just cant think.?

My name is Sofia

I'm 17 in December, so I won't be having stuff like 'xxxxsofiaxxxx' or 'princessofiarawrr' lol.

I will be uploading videos to it too, like singing, tutorials, you know just allsorts.

I would like a name that sounds cool, as well, your username kind of describes you in a way. I dont really want numbers in or anything totally random. Maybe something with my name.

Please help, and be creative? 😀
thank yohhhh

🙂 🙂

Posted by Sofia
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Well, I had the same dilemma a couple days ago when I made my YouTube account. My middle name is Kade; I wanted the alias to relate to me and what has more to do with you than your name! Then I had to add something cool to it. Something to do with my interests perhaps. Well, I like casual sports, modern warfare (also the name of a game I like!) but since I was making a YouTube account in the first place I like to use the internet, user-generated content, uploading stuff, etc. So I stuck the 'e' (as in 'e'mail, etc,) as a prefix with the last 2 digits of my year of birth and there was e + Kade + 93! I think its pretty cool.

So think… Any cool prefixes or suffixes you want to stick onto your name? Here is me brainstorming:

technoSophia (pretty geekish, you might not have a problem with it though!)
cyberSophia (haha yeah…)

More random brainstorms, based on what you posted about what you will use the channel for:

VidSoph (Personally I think this sounds kinda cool)

And… A few more. Here is my go at making girly usernames; I'm a guy, so give me a break lol.


K… All I can think of for now.

Goodluck 😛

EDIT: Just realized I misspelled your name. Haha. Well alot of usernames are like that anyways.

Good video ideas for youtube?

I'm trying to create videos that people will like and enjoy. Any ideas? Iwould like to be like Ryan Higa! Im phenomenal at video editing but it is hard for me to come up with any good ideas.

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20 Video Ideas:

1.Vlog – Just talk to the camera about your day, or something funny or interesting that happened today or the other day.

2.Skit / Short Movie – Have a funny idea in your head? Write out a rough script, and make it a short film!

3.Artsy – Do you like to paint, draw, make crafts, or create in general? Make a video of you MAKING something! People love watching these videos, as many other artists like being inspired.

4.Talk about art – Even if you can’t paint a nice portrait, if art interests you enough to read about it, why don’t you talk about different types of art? Other art enthusiasts, fans, and students will watch your video if it is simple, sweet, to the point, AND informative.

5.Music – Do you sing? Maybe you play the piano or guitar? Maybe you even make beats! Anything related to music, you can either post a video of you singing or playing an instrument, or even just post your song with some album artwork as an image for the entire video.

6.Recent Events – Did something happen in the news that you just HAVE to talk about? Do you find yourself talking to your friends and family about things that happen in the news? Well, make a video about it, and you’ll have lots of other people listening to you as well!

7.Celebrities – This can go into recent events as well, but celebrities are always doing something crazy or stupid (or both!) – talk about what happened, what you think about it, and ask others to comment on what they think.

8.Tutorials – Is there something that you know how to do that other people WISH they could do? Make a video on HOW to do it (make steps, like step 1 – step 2 – etc.).

9.Parody – Are you funny? Can you make something funny? Make a parody video, music video, or skit about an event, celebrity, song, and make it funny, and people will watch it, AND share it.

10.Music Video – Whether it is a parody, or your own music, or just something funny, make a cool music video that is creative, and post it!

11.Shoutout Video – Don’t go overboard with this, or overBORED with this – What I mean is, don’t make too many videos like this, because people usually don’t like them too much. But hey, make a video where you “shout out” or give promotion to other video makers. You never know, they might see your video and make one about you!

12.Dancing Video – Do you break dance? Are you good at hip hop, ballroom, or any other type of dance? Make a video showcasing your skills! However, DO NOT make a video of you just shaking your ***, especially if you are underage. The only viewers you will attract will be men between the ages of 25 – 70. It’s been proven. Just trust me, you don’t want to make a “soft-p0rn” video, you want to showcase actual SKILLS you have with dancing.

13.Rant Videos – Something bothering you? Do you think other people will have somewhat of the same opinion? Some people actually love hearing other people rant. Just don’t HATE on people though, actually go into detail about the things that bother you.

14.Impersonations – This can be a strict impersonation video, where you impersonate a celebrity or actor/actress. Or, you can make this into a skit or even a song, all while you do your best impersonation.

15.Gameplay – Are you a GAMER? Do you have skills, or even just like to have fun while gaming? Make a video of some of your best gameplay for a particular game, and instead of ONLY playing for yourself, you’ll have other people watching you play as well – and they may learn a thing or two

16.Special Effects – Are you good with editing and special effects? It doesn’t matter! There are hundreds and thousands of great tutorials on special effects. Follow along with what other people have done, and make your own special effects video!

17.Concerts / Events – Are you going to a concert, a show, or something that other people are going to or WANT to go to? Film parts of it, and upload it with your title being the name of the event. People who went, and even people who didn’t go but wanted to will be searching for this stuff.

18.Interviews – Do you know some cool people? Maybe a DJ, music artist, designer, artist, etc.? Do a little off-the-ball interview for people to get to know this person.

19.Question / Answer Video – Make a video where you let your visitors ask you questions (in the comment section), and then tell them you’ll make an “answers” video in a week or so – you get 2 videos for the price of 1!

20.Animation Video – Make an animation! Spend a couple hours on it, or spend a few weeks on it! The better it looks, the more views it will probably get. Even if you don’t know how to animate, watch some tutorials, and do what they do!

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