Pictures of Children Singing Together

A CD Must: “The Alphabet Operetta” - Good Music, Brighter Children

Ren & Stimpy – The War of 1812

Music by: Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie. Or, the Arrogant Worms

clip by: luna?*

amazing fan video. The quality should turn out fairly awful seeing as it from an old .wmv file, an .wmv that is seemingly cobbled together from other even lower quality .wmv's (hell maybe even some .rm's) and now converted to .flv, so i apologize for the compression hell.

*the credit at the end reads:

[email protected]

..which is now defunked, replaced with a link-farm url placeholder "search" site. :C

Update: This video seems to be attracting the flipper kids, so comments are off.

2010 Update – RovingHouse says they are/were Luna, so check out their site & channel:
(They also agree that you guys are flipper kids for arguing over the details in a comedy song/fan video, so you can hold the pm's and email.)

Also, mp3 link:

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Ancient Chapel welcomed Royal guests – Anglicannews

Ancient Chapel welcomed Royal guestsAnglicannewsThe Royal visitors chatted to members of the public, including flag waving school children, as they walked from the town Square to St Illtud's Church in brilliant sunshine on the second day of their Welsh summer visit. They were greeted at the church …and more »

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Daddy Songs: A Dozen Salutes and Smacks to the Old Man

Gary Allan, Brad Paisley Make the List, but Who's Singing About Him Lately? Am I missing something or have songs about daddy gone out of fashion? Look at the charts, listen to the radio and you'll find few current examples of this once pervasive genre.

Making beautiful music together with your children | From Doctor ...…