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Michael Bublé showers pregnant wife Luisana Lopilato with ...

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On average. How many women get pregnant during a Michael Bublé concert?

Posted by Clint C
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None. It takes men to attend these concerts to get knocked up.

Who sings this song?

It is off of the tide commerical with the pregnant lady who spills ice cream on her favorite maternity shirt. It goes something like "The more I see you, the more I want you somehow this feeling just grows and grows" it is a girl that sings it.

Posted by LindsayS
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The song is originally by Michael Buble.

The commercial is by Sabina Sciubba.

The song is The More I See You.

I need a good song for this?

Me and my husband got in a fight last night, everything is good know but…. I feel really feel bad and want some songs saying sorry, because after all it is my fault because i am always accusing him of cheating even though i know he isn't and he is getting tired of it, that's why the shit hit the fan last night and that is why i feel like shit now, its just i have problems not knowing if i can trust him because in high school he dumped me form some girl that just wanted to have sex with him, and then a month after we got back to gather he went to mexico for a week and had sex with an older women, i know he has changed and i don't wanna keep hurting him by bringing it up all the time.because he hates himself for what he did to me, and i mean if he didn't love me he wouldn't of married me when we found out i was pregnant with our daughter? Right? I mean he has grow up allot since then and he told me that when he did it he loved me but the problem was he was out of school and i wasn't, he was getting drunk like every night, he wanted to have his cake and eat it too, and the fact that he felt like he could do what ever he wanted because he was out of school, idk what should i think of this??????

Posted by usmc southern wife
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Lost-Michael Buble.

It sounds like you are torn between trusting him due to his past relations, you must forgive him and move on or it sounds like if you don't he will.

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Michael Bublé's pregnant wife Luisana Lopilato looks stunning in ...