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Who sings this song "falling"????

I hear this song on the radio everyday
the chorus goes im falling for you im falling ( something i cant remember)
Its a guy sing it and he can really hit the high notes ( almost like a girls voice)
its a recent song i do believe.

Posted by Brandymacqueen
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Michael Buble?

Also Michael Buble is pronounced Michael Boo-BLA(long A sound, accent on the second syl)?

Just thought I'd throw that one in too. He is getting really big and has a weird last name. Michael Buble pronounced (Boo BLA) …Long A..accent on the second syllable. His current hit song is called Everything and is really good. He's like Frank Sinatra or Harry Connick Jr.

Posted by Chris O
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I love Michael Buble!!!

Spectacular Spiderman Theme Song?

I know the artist…Does anyone know where to download it for free as a MP3 or a MP4 for IPOD?

Posted by Captain Sarge
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Songs: 4

* Spiderman (Dance – Various Artists, Peter Griffin – Hurricane Is Coming)
* Spiderman Theme (Michael Buble, Babalu)
* Spiderman Them (Michael Buble, Starbucks Present)
* Spiderman '79 (Veruca Salt, American Thighs)


Albums: 9

* Web of Night (T.M.Revolution X Spiderman 2 – 2004)
* Spiderman (Michael Buble – 2004)
* Spiderman 2 OST (Pl retail) (Various Artists – 2004)
* Spiderman 2 (OST – 2004)
* Spiderman (DJ Cadik – 2000)
* Spiderman Riddim (Various Artists – 2006)
* Spiderman EP (Vadz – 2004)
* Spiderman of the Rings (Dan Deacon – 2007)
* Spiderman (DJ Ozma – 2007)

Songs: 42

* Spiderman (Pentagon, Traffic 2 – 6:02)
* Web of Night (T. M. Revolution X Spiderman 2, Web of Night – 3:54)
* Tears Macerate Reason (Dedicated to SPIDERMAN2) (T. M. Revolution X Spiderman 2, Web of Night – 5:25)
* English version (T. M. Revolution X Spiderman 2, Web of Night, Web of Night – 3:52)
* Spiderman (Marschmellows Break the Slave Mentality remix) (DJ Cadik, Marschmellows mixes and remixes – 6:05)
* Spiderman (Ralphi Rosario mix) (Michael Buble, Spiderman – 9:09)
* Spiderman (Ralphi Rosario dub) (Michael Buble, Spiderman – 8:21)
* Spiderman (The Frank and Joe Show, 33 1 – 2:21)
* Hit (Spiderman, Anglo American – 9:38)
* Spiderman (1st version) (Ramones, R A M O N E S – 2:03)
* Spiderman bonus track (Ramones, Mondo Bizarro – 2:06)
* B2 Spiderman (DJ Rush, Marathon Man (Djax-Up 296) – 5:13)
* Spiderman Nessuno E Come Te (Cartoon Band, Shrek Collection (Cover version) – 3:22)
* Spiderman (Cartoon Band, Shrek Collection (Cover version) – 2:30)
* Mr Buddy (Spiderman and Superman, Mister Doo presents the Doo Experience – 3:35)
* Spiderman Theme (Michael Buble, Babalu – 3:01)
* Raindrops Keep Fallin on My Head (Spiderman 2) (B. J. Thomas, Music from the Award – 2:52)
* Spiderman (Spider mix) (Mark Foster, Thats Eurobeat News 03 – 5:22)
* M44 (Spiderman, True Sound of Freee – 3:11)
* Spiderman (Capitan Memo, Grand Prix – 2:47)


Spider-Man 2 (2004)

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Michael Bublé Songs ••• Top Songs / Chart Singles Discography ...


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