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I want to learn to sing, and I don't think I'm a good singer at all right now.?

Is it possible for me to learn to sing if I'm not good at it at all? And if so, how? Whenever I look at youtube and other online lessons, it always seems to be for people who were born with a good singing voice.

Posted by GoingDownUnder
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You can learn to sing, and you can do so without voice lessons, however, it will take time and dedication. All you need is patience and perseverance, and a room where you feel comfortable singing without censure from others. With a little self-discipline and some practice, most people can learn to sing without lessons. Clarity, proper breathing and enunciation will become a breeze–which is fortunate, as they are key elements to learning how to sing. Those things, along with developing your "ear,"–that is, your sensitivity to, and ability to reproduce, different musical tones–will set you on your way to singing in no time.

Enunciate your words clearly so that what you sing is understandable. For this, you need practice. First, find a page in a book to read aloud. Watch your mouth move in a mirror. Read as you normally would at first, but as you continue down the page, start reading more slowly. Pay close attention to each syllable as you enunciate it. Pay close attention to the way your mouth moves as you slowly and clearly enunciate your words.

Once you have read aloud to yourself, watch yourself in the mirror as you say tongue twisters, clearly enunciating every syllable:

(1) Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.

2) Black socks, they never get dirty, the longer you wear them the stronger they get. Some day, I think I shall launder them, something keeps telling me don't do it yet. Not yet. Not yet.

3) She sells seashells at the seashore.

Harsh consonant sounds while enunciating, such as a hissing "s" or a "t" that sounds like spitting, are common. Make sure you enunciate them anyway.

Practice actual singing in front of a mirror. The best way to start is by singing the vowels A, E, I, O and U. Each vowel needs a different mouth configuration, which will help you learn mouth control and clarity of sound.

Begin with A by opening your mouth and pulling back the sides of your mouth into what might feel like a grimace. Sing "A" for five counts; then close your mouth a little more for "E." For "I," make a fist and make your mouth approximately the size of your fist, a little less of a smile, but wider than A and E. For "O," make a perfect "O" shape with your mouth, and for "U," pucker your lips as you sing.

Breathe when you sing. Most people have learned to breathe shallowly, but if you want to learn to sing, you must learn to support your sound with deep belly breaths. To learn how to breathe, place your hands on your belly and inhale through your nose. Imagine breathing deeply into your stomach. Feel it rise. This is how you should breathe when singing. Practice inhaling for five counts and exhaling for five counts.

Develop your ear, or ability to retain and accurately reproduce music or notes that you have heard, by playing a random note on a piano or electronic keyboard, waiting about three seconds, then reproducing the note with your voice. Check for accuracy by replaying the note as you're singing it. Try this exercise with random notes that you can easily sing without straining your voice.

Sing a song now that you have enunciation and breathing down. Pop in your favorite CD or tape that you want to sing to, and listen to it a few times to familiarize yourself with the words, tonality and harmony/melody of the song. When you feel comfortable enough, belt it out. Remember, practice makes perfect, so practice the steps, and you'll soon be singing with aplomb.

Advice on singing please?

I'm not that good and want to get better so I can sing the songs I wrote.

Posted by Daniel
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Learning to sing is not as simple as it may seem…well, I mean learning to sing CORRECTLY. It is an art to project the voice correctly, many people take years of classes to achieve a good performance. Even those very talented ones that sing beautifly since they are born, still have to strugle a lot in the hands of a vocalist and singing teacher. My point is that you shouldn't be discouraged if after practicing you don't see any improvements. Voice is like building up muscles in a work out. They don't appear over night it can take us a year or more to develop six packs in the abdomen. The best thing for you to do is finding a singing teacher who can advice you in what you do right or wrong and who can teach you vocals excercises to do in order to develop a good voice. He will give you all the fundamental knowledge in the first classes, like teacjing you how to warm up the voice before singing so you won't damage your voice (vocal chords) by singing without warming up, etc. The teacher will also test you and tell you what's your range so you will look for songs in that range. When you sing outside your range you damage your voice and with time you can sing even less…but when you sing within your range with time you can even expand it more…things like that he will teach you then you an quit classes and do all the work by yourself at home and become a great singing (supposing you develop a good musical ear) if you can't afford singing classes, then look on youtube or something, how to warm up before singing, warm your voice and try to imitate your favorite singer, sing everyday after warming up, imitation is a great tool used even by famouse singers. But make sure you imitate song that feel comfortable to sing..those are the ones witing your range…if you are strugling to reach a hig note and sing like that you might end up hurting your vocal hords. Also, if you trust a friend to be honest, and you know she or he sings in tune..sing in front of that person and let them honestly tell you if you sing in tune. If you are out of tune from beginning to end in all songs you sing, I'm sorry but your hopes are remote…if at least in parts of the songs you sing in tune then you just need to develop your ear…tell that friend to stop you right where you go out of tune and to sing that note for you and help you sing it in the same tune until you get it. It will take days…months of practice but I know people with "no hope" that sing today for big audiences. I am a musician, my family is also..my brother is an opera singer and had classes with a famouse one…i grew up looking learning this so even if you can't apply this to your life, I know it works and I hope it can work for you. Good luck. And no matter what..dont ever stop singing.

How do I learn to sing well?

I cant go to sinning lessons but I hears the the lead singer of fun or passenger (not sure which one) didn't have a naturally good singing voice and he would keep singing songs until he had them pitch perfect? Are there any apps I could use or anything?
Or website anything.

Posted by Molly
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You can't learn how to sing if you just sing all the time because you won't learn any good techniques this way.

I am sorry but if you are interested in improving, the only safe way to improve is to have lessons with an experienced teacher. If you can’t afford singing lessons, the only safe alternative is joining a choir but the results won’t be the same. Please do not try to train yourself because you will probably end up damaging your voice. In fact, it takes lots of years to learn how to sing properly and only a teacher can help you with that, you can’t do it without any help. Even very talented people must take singing lessons in order to learn about correct techniques. Nobody is too talented to have lessons and nobody is born with good techniques.

Do not rely on youtube tutorials or other tutorials from the internet because you can misunderstand things easily, and many of those guys who claim that they are teachers or trained singers aren’t. Another problem with internet tutorials is that you don’t have anyone to correct your mistakes and you won’t even realize that you are making them until it’s too late.

Do not rely on advice that you found on the internet, many people know nothing about singing and they still try to give advice to others. Most of the times, what they say is wrong and harmful. Do not follow any advice given to you by self trained singers, they don’t know anything about singing even if they claim that they are experts.

The teacher has to be in the same room with you so that he/she will be able to hear your mistakes and help you with correcting them. Do not make up any weird techniques, they are dangerous and they don’t work.

Do not overdo it when singing, you should know your limits, if you can’t sing something just don’t sing it, straining your voice is really bad. Also, respect your voice type and your vocal range, don’t try to sing too high or too low if you can’t. You can’t change your voice type because it depends on the length of your vocal chords, only age may change that (usually puberty).

Do not listen to those guys who say that singing lessons are a waste of money and time and that you either can sing or not. People who label themselves as singers and claim that lessons are useless will probably end up needing a surgery to remove vocal nodules because they have tried to train themselves and have developed bad habits and techniques. Singing lessons work and they are very useful unless someone is tone deaf! It’s always wiser to spend a little more money for a teacher than giving this money to a doctor to remove weird things from your vocal chords.

Since you can't have singing lessons, joining a choir is the only safe alternative to learn the basics of singing. I hope this helps, good luck!

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