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Learning english methods?

I dont really know until now what is the best way to practise my english then one of my friends suggested to practice bi making chat with some native english speaker if you can help me just add sky_f911@hot ,,this contact only if you serious about helping me out with my studies.

Posted by SOOoo Hahaha
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It’s never easy learning something new, especially learning another language. Yes, it’s a challenging process, but with some advice and guidance you can be successful. So here are some great ways to learn English:

Learning another language, like English, requires a great deal of time, effort, and dedication. The more time you can devote to learning, the quicker you will be able to grasp new concepts. If you can spare at least an hour a day, you will definitely see results by the end of a month…and within six months, you will be amazed!

The best method is to begin with the basics: numbers, the alphabet, days of the week, and the basic vocabulary. Keep a notebook and write down what you learn, with the definition in your native language, so you’ll have a reference guide to help refresh your memory. Use the same or different notebook to keep a “vocab list” of words you would like/need to learn.

Invest in a good hand-sized or pocket-sized dictionary. Carry it with you at all times. When you hear or see a word you do not understand, look it up. You will want to start with a bilingual dictionary for cross-reference. Further along, you will need a dictionary only in English in order to learn the meaning of the word and its context. Don’t use online translators for translating more than one word at a time, they are unreliable.

Surround yourself with materials in English. The fun part is that you get to choose materials that you like. Working with topics that hold your interest is motivating and makes learning enjoyable:

~Literature: Books, Magazines, or Newspapers- you can start by reading material you've already read in your own language. If it is literature you already know, it will be easier for you to understand and to make the vocabulary connection in English. Another option is to read English children’s literature- illustrations help with comprehension of what you are reading.

~Media: TV, Movies, and News- it is a great help to use subtitles. If you are watching media in your native language, use English subtitles. If you watch media in English, use subtitles of your native language. Using English children’s media is a good option here also because of the simplified language and structure of the narratives.

~Music: Songs and Karaoke- listening to music can be the funnest way to learn English. Find the lyrics to a song and read them along with the singer. Once you feel comfortable enough, use the same lyrics to sing the song Karaoke-style. Singing helps you learn new words, memorize them and to feel comfortable with pronouncing them.

There are many resources available to help in your goal of learning English. Taking classes is one of the best ways to learn. The many options include: one-on-one tutoring, short-term intensive courses, and long-term group classes. Online courses are available- with or without live assistance. Youtube.com offers some informative tutorials. Language learning software is another option- you will need to research programs for ones with the best reviews and highest success rates.

*Learn at your own pace…you will see results sooner than you think.
*Get motivated…make it fun, enjoyable, and interesting.
*Be proud of yourself…for taking the initiative of learning a new language.
*Socialize with those who speak English in person or online.
*Practice, practice, practice…then practice some more.
*Practice in front of a mirror or use a recorder to help with pronunciation.
*Don’t be afraid to make mistakes…it is part of any learning process.
*Test yourself occasionally to see your progress (online tests available).


Is it impossible to learn to sing?

Im hopeles at singin but would really like to learn. I can't aford lessons. I was really just wondering if theres an point trying cz im really rubbish. Tried looki on line for tips but its all about improvin your singing. Any advice. Tricks? Etc.

Posted by Maxxie
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You can learn to sing on your own but the internet is a bit disjointed when looking for really good starter information. Generaly the internet works best with small bits of answers … Bit sized chunks if you will, just look at this site for instance!

There are however a heap of programs you can download that can really help you because you can repeat the lessons as often as you want and you can do it in privacy if you are embarressed when you are just starting.

This site has some reviews of a few of them which might be able to help.


HOw do I learn to sing?

I cant sing at all, how do i learn.

Posted by Ansil S
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This site might give you a few tips to start:


But if you want to learn a lot mroe you will need to get some coaching so that when you practice you do not ingrain bad habits and can take the next steop yourself.

You can download some good courses too if you do not have the time or money for singing lessons … This site reviews a few downloadable courses.


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