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Questions and Answers

How to learn to sing in 15 days.?

Okay, I have a youth theatre audition in 15 days. I have a mediocre singing voice. I really need to get better in order to land the part. Does anyone know how to learn to sing in 15 days or less. Also, can anyone give me some good songs to sing that I can learn quickly. Thanks.

Posted by pokemon
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Learning to sing well can be a difficult process, however, it is possible to do really well even if you feel like you can't sing that great. First off, you need to make sure you really know you're audition song. Look up karaoke for it on YouTube or something and see how well you can sing it.
Also, while it may not help permanently, if you squirt a little bit of lemon in your water, it's supposed to help clear out your vocal chords, which helps your voice. Also, nerves can make your audition go worse than planned, so eat bananas!
You also asked for songs. If you don't have a specific song to sing, than pick something you like! Pretty much anything can be a great audition song! Pick something you know and really like – it'll help. That way, you don't have to learn a whole song in two weeks. Just be careful and watch your vowels, your pitch, and your overall tone.
For your audition: Open your mouth! Some people are reminded of this every day! Keep your mouth tall! It will help your vowels to not sound ridiculous and it will help you stay on the right notes, too. Again, eat bananas! And, even if you're like me and can't stand lemons (unless, of course, you're allergic to them.. If that's possible.), put a couple of squirts of lemon in your water.
I'm sure you'll do fine, and I hope you make it!

Help with speech singing, tips, anything?

So I've taken voice lessons for 4 years, but I've never learned speech singing. I learned classically, and some major opera, and that's about it. But now I really need to learn how to speech sing for a solo I'm supposed to be singing, but I can't do it above like a normal "E." I don't have any money for a voice teacher right now, so how can I learn to do it on my own? How will I know if I'm doing it right? How will I know if I'm doing it wrong? What are some things I can do to teach myself? What are good techniques? If anyone knows how, PLEEEEAAASSE help me!

Posted by Millie
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Singing Lessons or guitar?

I'm getting really into music and i was wanting to take lessons for guitar and vocal. But I can only choose, would it be better if I do vocal lessons and just teach myself guitar? Or should i do guitar lessons and just try to learn vocal on my own?

Posted by Savy
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Singing because you can learn how to play guitar on youtube but its hard to learn singing on youtube.

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