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Could I learn to sing even though my voice is soo different!?

So I really love to sing but its hard for me because of my voice. Everyone says my voice is so unique. I just hate it because it always sounds like im losing my voice and it tends to cut in and out. Is it possible I could still learn how to sing? The way my voice is makes it soo hard for me to sing, and it cant go high or else it cuts out. What do I do?? Someone please help me! Any advice will work. Ohh and I sing ALL the time ever since I was really little and im 16 now. Is it too late to get good?

Posted by Ashleyy.
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Unique in singing is good. You dont want a cookie cutter sound if you want to actually stand out anyway.

On the other hand if this is simply a technical issue you can learn to overcome then of course you can learn to sing better.

Dont give up and dont be embarrassed about your voice. There is no such thing as talent only hard work and willingness to learn. You need more self confidence more than singing lessons I think.

If you need some more help I know some of the downloadable guides this site reviews can be very helpful.


Is there anyway to learn to sing better ?

Preferably in a couple of months. Just one song.

Posted by f_root_loop_83
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There is a software program – I believe it is called "pitch perfect". You simply sing into a headset and it shows where your voice is in key with the song. My cousin uses this for her performances, and I have tried it. It really does work and you can constantly see improvement and you can practice just certain areas if you only have a problem with a certain part of the song(such as high notes or changes in keys). I hope this helps. It would definitely be the best way to really sing better – you don't have to record yourself and then listen to it back – you instantly see what you need to work on.

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