Learn How to Sing Fast

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How can I learn to sing faster?

I thought i should add another one because all these other questions were about rap. I want to learn how to sing fast more like Corey Taylor (Slipknot), Zack de la Rocha (Rage Against the Machine), or J-Man (Mushroomhead). Thanx.

Posted by skating_gamer123
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There`s 2 things that i know will help.

1) breathing excercises. No matter how fast you can sing, if you run out of breath too quick, it won`t really be much good.

2) practice – once you got your breathing under control, try mimicking the guys you want to imitate.. Often.

It`s an oldie, but nevertheless – practice makes perfect.

It`s the routine you need to keep going.

I need to learn to sight sing… Fast?

I have TWO WEEKS until Solo and Ensemble and Regional Choir auditions and I have JUST learned there will be sight singing. I have never done that before, I learn everything by ear. I Googled various websites that might help but they were no help. I need tips on intervals, i hope there's no weird key change. I tend to crack under pressure.As a beginner and stupid person, I need tips on how to get better FAST, please.
I know the staff and the basic 1,3, and 5, I just have a lot of trouble in this area.

Posted by Rebecca Rose
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It will take intense practice to become good at sight-singing. The following are some sites with extensive information:



I learn to sight-sing by associating specific intervals with music that is familiar to me.

As an example, the interval of a perfect fourth is associated with the opening notes of the Wedding March from Wagner's "Lohengrin."

I associate the interval of a tri-tone with the first two notes of "Maria" from "West Side Story."

I associate a minor-third interval with the opening notes of Brahms' Lullaby

Good luck on your audition!

Fastest way to learn how to sing?

I have an exam for my music performance class in exactly one week for a vocal performance. Thing is i'm a drummer and have never really sang in my life ._. (everyone has to sing regardless of what instrument they play). Pretty nervous and need all the help i can get, anyone know any beginner's tips that could help make my performance that little bit better?? ;-; Would be much appreciated!

Posted by Jaql
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I would warm up with a scale or exercise or some sort, try googling some singing exercises. Pick out a song that is within your vocal range (where you can sing without strain on your vocal chords, not too high or too low). It should have a simple melody and not super high jumps between notes. Singing from the chest is better than singing from your head, so think of your voice coming out from your lungs as you sing. At the performance, don't focus on the people there, try to imagine yourself in your room singing by yourself. It's normal to be anxious! Some more tips:
don't drink milk, sugar drinks, or thick drinks before singing because it will really clog your throat and mess up your singing
warm water is really good for singing, you might wanna try drinking that before singing

good luck!

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