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How to train your singing voice?

I do singing once a week in college and I really struggle getting the high notes because my voice just breaks and no sound comes out.. I do feel like I'm improving but is there anything else I can do at home? Thanks 🙂 x.

Posted by Sharrie
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It takes obviously some talent, some luck, LOTS of patience, diligence, courage, hard work, dedication and LOTS of lessons with a GOOD vocal teacher. Besides, your voice will keep maturing until you are in your mid-30s so you need a lot of TIME as well. Therefore:

THE ONLY SAFE way to learn the correct singing techniques & to improve properly IS to take OFFLINE face-to-face singing lessons with a fully trained vocal teacher! The teacher HAS TO BE in the same room with you, so that he/she can give you proper feedback. However, even the best teachers in the world cannot make wonders, so please be realistic with this. Singing lessons are NOT going to help if one is tone-deaf!

Please do NOT rely on any dodgy web tutorials because that way you can misunderstand things VERY EASILY and develop bad habits, hoarseness, vocal nodules and other nasties IN NO TIME, and even though you would sound good! It is always much wiser to invest a little bit of your money/time to face-to-face lessons rather than wasting the same amount of money (or even more!) to frequent ear-nose-throat specialist visits due to aforementioned problems, so please reconsider this. If you can't afford vocal lessons, then joining a choir is the only SAFE alternative option. And believe me, but even MANY of those who have music as their hobby DO take lessons as well!

Always remember to warm up your voice properly, but please know your limits and don't overdo your voice! Remember the diaphragmatic support, do not strain your throat too much! Also, remember good body posture!

Avoid fizzy drinks (burp danger), dairy products (mucus risk), caffeinated products (coffee & tea included, they dry up your throat) and spicy food (irritation risk)! You can consume these things, but NEVER before singing!

Do NOT shout, yell, scream nor otherwise abuse your voice AT ANY TIME! Also, please respect your vocal range; if your teacher says you are, say, more of an alto (baritone if you are male), then you ARE more of an alto (baritone).

DO NOT try to imitate anyone famous, that will usually give you just bad habits and even damage your throat. You are YOU and your voice is unique, so please learn to cherish that. The world does NOT need copycats.

Do NOT sing, whisper, shout, yell nor scream if having a sore throat/cold/flu, Also, do speak as little as you can if you have flu/cold/sore throat!

Remember to drink at least 2 litres of room-temperature still water every day, not just during singing days!

Smoking is a big no-no, as is inhaling secondhand smoke. Also, avoid staying in dusty and/or moldy environment.

As for your range, not all people can be sopranos, so maybe you are just not a soprano. Whatever is the case, you should NEVER force the sound out of your body, because too much straining will eventually damage your throat.

Help! I really want to train my voice to be able to sing?

Im a 17 year old girl and I have a horrible singing voice! I am one of those people that just cannot sing! I'm kind of uncoordinated aswell which is kind of silly but im pretty, and i really want a singing voice more than anything! Is it possible for me to train my voice from a horrible voice to an actual good one?? Is it possible to do it without paying for lessons? But if lessons are my only chance then i will have to do it. Is it possible to get a good voice?!?!??! 🙁

Posted by Hol
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Yes, it is possible for you to have a good voice..

I used to have a horrible and annoying voice way back december last year..

Now, i'm taking up voice lessons (popular music)..

Then now, I can sing.. My coach told me that my voice quality really improved for I don't have a good voice quality when I enrolled in voice class..

I can even sing the songs of whitney Houstonn and celine dion..

Let me share you some techniques to improve your voice..

Just hold your air in your diaphragm and learn to manage it..

Lip thrill will be of great help to avoid airy sound..

Then learn how to belt out w/ ur mouth and throat are open..

Practice a belting-out exercise to help you with diaphragmatic breathing, or even scaling will help you with that, lip thrill will be a help for diaphragmatic breathing..

And in reaching high notes, curve your shoulders, to control you note; close your eyes, to focus and addition a lil drama; lessen your effort, for it might produce a squeaky sound; add stress, the source of the pressure of your voice to reach those high notes..

Send me an e-mail or IM me..

If you want to clarify things out..
And if you want to know more about singing (such as advice and techniques)

i hope this helps :D.

How do you train your voice to sing?

I am literally tone deaf! I would love to be able to sing so i can audition for better parts in plays and i also have to sing in my violin exams and i always get really low marks or fail it! Can i train my voice to sing properly and how?

Posted by Claire
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You need to train your ears first. If you play violin it also requires your hearing to know if you are on pitch or in the right key. Simplest way is to use a keyboard like piano and hit middle C and sing that note first. The progress up and down the scale. Mimic the note and DO NOT strain to go higher or lower than you can or you will damage your vocal chords which are muscles like in you calf of your leg. You may want to record this process for review later. Do NOT share the recording with anyone unless they are a professional in the music recording business willing to help you.
Before you run on the track you have to warm up to run. You have to train your body for the muscles to help you run. You have to train the vocal chords just the same.
Breathing is a part of singing but FIRST train your ear to hear the note per note. When your ear is trained in singing the note per note exactly as you hear it then you can progress.
IF there is a problem with your hearing (aka tone deaf) then go to a ENT (Ear Nose Throat) Doctor and have them checked for physical problems. IF you have a physical problem not correctable by an operation regarding your hearing then you may have to rely on technical pitch & tonal equipment. This type of equipment is found in many recording studios. That is why some recording artist can not perform live as they do in the studio and rely on singing to tracks which ARE in key. Pure live singers that sing on key with good pitch you find spend little time laying down tracks in the studio because they don't rely on the technical pitch & tone mechanics the engineer uses in sessions.
Process about singing is a step by step procedure to learn but training the ear IS the first one. Good luck and sing often but never strain to sing out of your range.

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