how to sing

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Questions and Answers

Gain confidence in singing?

I've always loved singing. I wouldn't say I am amazing, and I wouldn't say I am bad. I think I got a good voice. My specific singing would be soft, acoustic kind of singing. Problem is, I don't have any confidence. I really want to pass it and sing, and have people listen to me, but when I am in the centre of attention, and everyone is focusing on me, I get nervous and embarrassed, that's why I never sing in front of anyone.

I don't want to do Karaoke singing, or learn in a pub. Is there any tips?

Posted by Jareth Butler
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Singing lessons where you sing in the same room as the teacher is listening to you will help you learn correct singing techniques. Knowing that you are singing correctly and well should help your confidence.

Sing or Button it?

I love to sing and I have put down my talent for a year and i want to bring it up again this year, My question is when I sing in front of my sisters somtimes they say that i'm bad and I know that's not true but it bothers me. And I am sort of embarresed to sing in front of my family, I mean my dad has never heard me sing before. When a song I know comes on I usulally sing it but when somones around other than my sisters I shut up…..Help me…. What should I do….. SING or button it?

Posted by Kendre48183 J
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Sing, sing, sing. Singing, is a terrific way to relax, and release bottled up energy. Tell you your sisters to "button up", or get ear plugs when they criticize you.

How can I learn to sing?

What are the basics of singing?

Posted by Dustin
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Sing from your diaphragm. I don't really know. I can sing naturally but it depends if you can just sing a note and make it sound great 🙂 sorry.

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