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Anyone who is singing on Youtube or has a singing Youtube channel?

If you subscribe to me I'll subscribe to you…because I need people that can give me feedback on my vids and I'll be glad to give you feedback on yours!!

Here's my channel

Posted by Nacho Muchacha
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Do not just SING the lyrics, FEEL, the lyrics. Watch how these people FEEL the song. Makes all the difference. Try coping Melinda Doolittle until you develop your voice and style. You have potential.
Watch her expression and gestures.

Rate my singing! Please! Youtube!?

Here's a video of me singing. Let me know what you think. Please rate my singing and let me know what I should do to make my voice better. If you think I am good pelase tell me "how" good, like if I should continue pursuing this, or if I should stick to sining by myself. 🙂 Http://…

Posted by Riley Smith
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Hey not bad for your first cover on youtube! Its a scary thing so good work.
You definitely do have some potential and you should always continue to pursue what you love. Your tuning its pretty good and have a pretty good sense of rhythm.

Ways to improve? I would say little things help like diction! I know its pop/country by being able to convey your message means so much to a listener. Try thinking about letting your air our when you sing "release" the voice on the breath and I think you might find it a lot easier and feel a lot better about your singing. That might also help keep the sound out of your nose a titch (that may also have been the recording). Always think about breathing into the bottom of your abs and don't raise your shoulders or tighten your neck when you sing.

Lastly, HAVE FUN and make it your own. Why are you choosing this song? What does it mean to you personally? Show us.
Good luck and love what you do.

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