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What member in Super Junior sings the best>?

IN the K-pop Boy band, super Junior, who is your favorite. And list who you think is the best singer, in order from best to good (there is no bad in suju). And list who is the best dance and best looking.
Xoxoxo! Will be choosing best answer!

Posted by Caitlyn
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Hm as a ELF, siwonest and petal I don't really have as top vocalists from K.R.Y. All set up.
For me, the best singer is 1. Kyuhyun, his voice is sweet and it's really to give shills (proof of that is "Late Autumn", in "Coagulation", "7 years of love",…) but then, there it is, it doesn't came Wookie or Yesung. The one I think it sings better 2. Is Siwon – ok there it is, I'm suspect but just hear, for e.g. "Worthless" and his voice in "Someday" omo rly, 3. Yesung , 4. Zhou Mi, 5. Hangeng (just wow "Clown Mask"…), 6. Donghae, 7. Eunhyuk, 8. Ryeowook, 9. Heechul (people say awful things but "Close ur mouth" and Breakups are so typical of me" can shut some bad talk), 10. Kangin, 11. Henry, 12. Leeteuk, 13. Sungmin, 14. Shindong, 15. Kibum (not 'cause is absent, but even in the songs I heard… Well…) but is impossible to say that they sing bad, 'cause none of them don't. I don't say either that Shindong is bad at singing, but he's the 2nd best on rap.

As best looking, I would say that yes… I'm most siwonest but he cames second on looking in my oppinion (body is 1st ok but I mean face) so as face I would say Heechul then of course Siwon, Donghae and then Eunhyuk – who's classified the ugliest but I can't understand why because that jawline kills me. Hum, then… Leeteuk, Hangeng, Kyuhyun (ok I just told the 3 of my 5 top list xD), Shindong (he's handsome, no matter what ppl say), Kangin, Zhou Mi, Kibum, Yesung, Henry, Sungmin, Ryeowook.

Best dancer of course is our dance machine Hyuk, then Hangeng, then Shindong, Donghae, Sungmin, Leeteuk, Kyuhyun. I'll just stick with the top ones.

But at the end, I look at the list and I always have second thoughts because I really love them all and it's hard to answer this with 100% sure.

How do you sing super high notes?

The singer doesn't use head voice on the second verse, I want to learn to do that D:

♥I want to sing this song for an audition but the notes seem too high o.o
I know you have to use the diaphragm to sing, but how can I sing the high notes without going into head voice(I dun wanna go into head voice so i can impress the judges >_<).

Anyone know any voice techniques that i can do day by day, so that i can gradually reach those high notes?
If you're not sure please don't answer this just to get points >_< I don't want to do anything that will hurt my voice :/ Also, I don't want to strain my voice just to reach those notes… Because If I pass the audition, I'll have to keep singing high notes and damaging it everytime won't help T_T

I still have a lot of time til the audition, so if you guys have any safe techniques—I'll practice them throughout the whole year til I reach the notes ^_^
감사합니다! 谢谢! ありがとう! Gracias! Thank You!
I don't think a cd will help me, and I can't afford lessons right now… So if anyone has more answers, please?

Posted by Kiki_Tasashi
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Your voice is like a muscle that you can strengthen. The best thing you can do is daily vocal exercises and learn the correct vocal technique. I know for a fact there are many videos on youtube covering this topic.

The other way to reach those super high notes is to get professional help from a voice coach that can be in the form of face to face lessons or an online course.

Face to face lessons might be a bit more expensive than an online course but the online course will still cost money. Maybe you can buy a course online together with another friend or someone else that want to learn to sing.

Good luck and I hope you reach those high notes soon!

Super nervous before singing auditioning ? HELP.?

I get REALLY REALLY REALLY nervous before I have to sing at an audition. MY heart starts racing, i get all sweating, & out of breath. I cant even sing to my full potential. Like sometimes I end up trying to belt stuff because Im nervous & I cant sing right.I love theatre but This is stopping me from auditioning from anything that has to do with singing. I really want to audition for "Little Shop of Horrors" at my school on Mon but Im so worried im gonna make a fool of myself .. HELP 🙁

Posted by Kayy
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It's completely normal to get nervous before performing in front of a crowd. What you HAVE to try and remember, is that you're singing for PEOPLE. Like you and me.
Make sure you practice the songs you're performing until you know them by memory and they flow out naturally, but make sure you don't overdo it. Sometimes, people think about what they're singing so much that they forget what comes next!
Try and relax. Deep breathing exercises help, but if you're still nervous, try to vent it out through your stage presence. For example, try venting your nervousness through hand motions (when appropriate) and/or moving around (when appropriate). This way, it appears to be as though you have complete control of what you're doing.

ALso, maybe you wanna try and get one of your close friends with whom you're comfortable singing in front it to sit in the front row and start singing with your focus on THEM, and then slowly transitioning to the audience, without ever looking into the audience's eyes. (it'll throw u off when u're beginning)
Above all, remember to ENJOY what you do, and relax. Have fun. Don't kill yourself doing something that you're supposed to LOVE doing. 🙂
Hope that helps.

Ps. Check out my Youtube channel? I sing and play.

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