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Questions and Answers

Singing program?

Okay so is there a program for my computer that will let me hear my voice as I am singing?

Posted by EmptynessOfTears
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I do not know of a computer product, but I found a set of "hearphones" that you wear while singing and it does a very good job of letting you hear what you actually sound like. You can find these at: Http://…

Singing success program?

My goal is to create that "mix" with my head and chest voice. Will this program do that?

Posted by andie
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I strongly suggest this program. IT WORKS!!! I have been using this program for 7 weeks and already have a much bigger voice and a much bigger range!

Brett encourages people to be who they are as far as singing goes. He just helps you be a better you. I highly recommend this program. It is the highest-rated vocal course out there and is definitely worth looking into.

I love everything I have learned in this program. I have been able to so much more than I ever could before getting this program. It even has lessons just focusing on the "mix".

Definitely Go for It!!!!

If you have any further questions about it, feel free to ask any time. I will be glad to assist in any way.

Best of Luck,
Clark Conner.

How do you use Brett Manning's Singing Success program?

I bought this program called Singing Success by a guy named Brett Manning. I've became interested in learning how to sing like the stars such as Michael Jackson,Usher,Chris Brown,Robin Thicke, and Stevie Wonder just to name a few because I think that I'm a terrible singer, but I'm not exactly sure how to use the program..for how long do I have to practice a cd before I move on to the next one? And also when I'm practicing a scale on one of the cd's, what should I do when I reach my limit where I just can't sing high anymore? If anybody has any advice please let me know. Thanks.

Posted by Raymond
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I hope you don't believe Brett Manning trained all (or any) of those singers that you mentioned. For one thing, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson both started singing as children. No one knows how old Brett is , but I'm willing to bet those singers were established stars long before Manning ever put out his first cd.

The trouble with Brett Manning is that you can't find ANY independent information on him, his method, his musical background, etc. All sources lead directly back to one or more of his own websites.

If you've ever read any of my previous replies about singing, I'm very much in favor of face-to-face training over any "do-it-yourself" program. One reason is some of the concerns that you have–and you have no one really to be there and listen to you as an individual singer and help guide you along. Let's say that Manning's "Singing Success" program has the best advice EVER written! After all, I'm not saying everything he teaches is bad or nonsense–though much of it is part of standard vocal training and a lot of ideas he stole from Seth Riggs who came up with "Speech Level Singing" or SLS.

What I'm saying that people need help understanding and mastering new concepts and techniques. If they don't understand what they need to do and keep practicing mistakes over and over again, they will eventually become frustrated by their lack of progress and think they are hopelessly untalented—or worse, they actually end up with damaged vocal cords.
I'm sure some people have found the program very helpful. Then again, if you ever noticed, some people, even small children, can sing beautifully without a single lesson and others may have a difficult time staying in tune.

"Natural" singers can benefit from lessons because they still need to learn proper techniques to preserve their voices and learn to get the most out of what nature generously gave them. Others less "gifted" should be able to learn to sing on pitch with a pleasant tone—it might just take a lot of hard work and time. All singers can benefit at learning skills to become interesting performers rather than boring people with pretty voices.

The trouble with Manning I have, are some claims I've seen on his websites that promise anyone that they can increase their range by an entire octave. Uh…no..don't think so. It depends on your individual voice and what you are starting with. And what you count as "range". There are videos of Brett on Youtube demonstrating his "range" which includes some "notes" that sound like belches and squeaks. I'd like to hear him actual sing something–a word, a phrase–on those "notes".

Keep your cds if you think they might be of use, but I'm sure they have more "secrets" to sell you. Have you even looked for a local singing teacher? His program costs almost $200 dollars!
While prices for lessons vary a lot, lessons are way cheaper than most people realize (and they don't bother to check before deciding they can't afford them). Here are some tips to find a decent teacher. Many community colleges offer group voice classes for less than what you are paying for your cds. These classes are meant for people who simply want to learn to sing better–they don't have to be music majors or experienced singers to get in.
Links below are simply guides to find someone to help you understand and guide your voice–it's not an endorsement of any programs advertised on the sites. Same thing applies as far as needing someone to help you safely train and explore your voice.


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