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How to Sing Louder Effortlessly

How to Sing Loud Effortlessly at Http://… – Vocal Coach Ken Taylor discusses different resonance chambers that you can utilize in your body while singing to produce more volume when you sing. Http://

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How to sing louder as an alto?

Posted by Chelsaccino.
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Singing louder (dynamics) is all about breath support. Breath as if you are sucking in through a straw. If you breath properly, you can feel your lower back, sides under the rib cage, and abdomen engaged. However, if you notice your shoulders are moving when you breath, its wrong. It feels really weird at first but i would practice even when you are not singing to stable the new way of breathing. The way i told you is the best way to get the most amount of air into your lungs as possible which increases your breath support and sound production. But keep in mind your posture (straight back, rolled back but relaxed shoulders, no tension anywhere) because that really helps breathing as well.
I've learned all this from teachers and vocal coaches but this video helps explain visually:

don't be afraid of your head voice. Because you're an alto, i assume that you're comfortable with your chest voice. Also, sing with confidence and you will be fine.

How can I sing louder?

I have such a quite voice. I went to a concert recently and I couldn't hear myself yelling but I could hear the people next to me. My brother whose into wrestling took me to an event, and I was chanting with crowds but I couldn't hear myself.
I once practiced for the first time with my band playing the song last nite by the strokes and I couldn't hear myself on the monitors, how do I raise my volume?

Posted by GOjerichoGO
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Singing loud for a vocal performance requires the correct technique of singing in general. Correct technique in singing demands practice, practice and practice, so you naturally sing loud without putting too much strain on your vocal cords and hurting your voice.

Sing notes that you feel comfortable singing at any volume. Notice how you go high in the voice or your throat feels like it's constricting, closing up tight. It appears that you can't sing the notes loud or at all when you go to too high of a range for your voice.

Adjust your body so you sing with the support of your diaphragm. Muscular structure, called a diaphragm, envelopes the lungs. The area of the diaphragm also involves the ribs, lower sides, bottom and back.

Place your finger near your mouth and breathe out. Feel how fast the air comes out. The air needs to come out slower and more evenly.

Use your diaphragm to support your breath by pushing down with the diaphragm against your ribs. Let the air out of your lungs slowly. Feel the air come out slowly on your fingers. Practice this a few times.

Sing the notes using your diaphragm as support. Take in air through your nose and relax as you sing your notes pushing the diaphragm against your ribs.

Singing louder?

Can anyone give me any excersies that will help me sing louder? I don't sing very loudly and I really want to improve on that. Tips? Excersies? Thanks a bunch!

Posted by rawrxstephinator
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I'd recommend lots of staccato exercises- they're great for developing breath control, which is crucial for supported, resonant singing.

Things like staccato arpeggios on "ha" (other unvoiced consonants work just as well, though) are really great and very simple to do (just 1-3-5-3-1 will do perfectly, going up by half-steps.)

The other thing that might be an issue (but is a lot harder to correct) is the placement of your sound. If it isn't resonating in the right spot, you won't be able to produce as much volume. The first remedy I'd look at with that one is fixing the placement of your tongue. The tongue should always be relaxed and quite flat, with the tip touching the root of your front bottom teeth- if it isn't, you're cutting off the sound. A good way to increase your awareness of your tongue placement is to place it correctly (with the tip at the root of your front bottom teeth), then stick your tongue out without moving the tip (just kind of pushing the middle out.) Try singing like that- it sounds and looks stupid, but your tongue should feel that relaxed all the time. If it is, your singing will have a better chance to resonate throughout your whole head instead of being choked off by a ridged tongue.

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