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If CHUCK BERRY was singing before ELVIS PRESLEY……????

Then why do people continue to say that Elvis created rock-n-roll…..???

That's the response i got on Yahoo Answers…

Posted by mikey
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Elvis didn't create rock-n-roll. He made rock-n-roll big! Rock-n-roll is made up of different types of music together. Chuck Berry sung it and it was a black audiance that listene. Elvis was the firstt White person to sing that music "black music" He brought together black and white fans.

Want me to sing an Elvis song?

I could sing the Hound Dog song.

Posted by FancyMan Elvis
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Dear singer, is it difficult to sing like elvis?

How can u sing with words and make it the right melody?

How can u sing smoothly together from one words to another without
hitting wrong note?

How to sing with out making interruption ?

How to make sound so smooth,connected and correct pitch
with emotion, passion and vibration like that?

Do u have some techniques in singin???

Is there anybody who u think surpass elvis? Thanks.

Posted by Michaeal J
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Yes, he had a very, very unique singing voice.
Follow the tune, I don't really understand the question.
Tie, (not like wear a tie that won't help), you flow, into the next note.
Practice the song before performing
Think of the meaning of the words and sing like they just happened to you, (losing love, feeling sad etc.)
I just sing all the time, to everything I hear.
I don't know, he WAS the king of Rock, and that's kinda hard to overpass.
Hope that helps 😉

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