How to Sing High Notes

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Questions and Answers

How do i sing high notes?

I mean the sort of high notes Demi Lovato and Jessie J can do? What exercises are good to do? THANK YOU (in advance!!!)

Posted by Guenivere
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I had that problem…There isnt much you can do if you cant reach the notes because of your range. To make it feel like you reach a high note you can sing a couple of notes lower than u usually would, then go up to how you would usually sing, it'll seem like your reaching a high note because you're actually getting higher, just in a different range.

If you can reach the notes but your voice goes out when you get to the high notes then :

Try drinking Dairy ( Research says it soothes the vocal cords)
No Citris ( not the best for vocal cords )
Keep trying to reach the notes without straining your voice, if you can really reach them you'll get there sooner or later. 🙂

Hope I Helped!! =)

Can anyone help me sing higher notes?

When i try to sing high notes my throat starts to hurt after awhile. Also i haven't developed proper vibrato…my vibrato just pops in out of nowhere,,,can anyone help?????

Posted by ryan
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Well, high notes are always uncomfortable to people with no singing training or practice. Just practice singing songs that you are comfortable with and eventually your singing range will grow. Be sure not to strain your voice though. If your throat hurts, stop and take a drink of water. And as for vibrato, don't worry about that for now. That will come naturally with practice.

Learn how to sing high notes?

I want to learn how to sing high notes like carrie underwood and Beyonce. I've been singing pretty much my whole life and it seems like im never going to be able to sing high. I get frustrated with myself alot, which only makes things worse. Singing is the only thing I want to do with my life, and if it don't work out I honestly don't know what i would do to survive. MUSIC is EVERYTHING.

Posted by Charity
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II totally agree , music is everything. Haha.
Ive also been singing my entire life and I'm a sop.1 so I've never had trouble hitting the high notes but I have students that do ( I teach high school chorus) and always warm up !
And it helps if you go through scales or hahs or any kind of sound you feel comfortable with (oos seem to be the easiest when going high) and just keep going up until you reach your struggle note. And one you get to that try it a couple times but DON'T FORCE YOUR VOICE! (:
If you really want it then just go through the routine of singing up the scale and if that dosnt help then you can always get a voice coach or if your in chorus or theatre ask your teacher .
But you must keep in mind that some people do not have voices that can go high ,
Ex: if your an alto 2 trying to be a sop.1 its going to be difficult.
And even if you can't sing super high you can still have a beautiful voice! I have plenty of girls that can't sing high at all but still have amazing voices! And even if your not able to sing super high
If you have been singing your whole life I bet your pretty good!

Hope this helped!
And best of luck(:

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